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Yasmin Simpson

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"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul"
~Henry Ward Beecher
"Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA family, friends and for all the ones who celebrate this important day"
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Happy Thanksgiving dear +Yasmin Simpson 
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Yasmin Simpson

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Just going through some old files on my computer and found these images, love post-processing!
So many pictures and not enough time to play with them.
‪#‎paris‬ ‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎blackandwhite‬ ‪#‎eiffeltower‬ ‪#‎lighttoparis‬
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Yasmin Simpson

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Some of my new personal branding...
#photography   #marketing   #personalbranding  
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Sorry +Amaier Khayrie, I didn't understand your question, cline?
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Yasmin Simpson

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A Flower for Mom... 
#flower   #texture   #texturas   #flores   #amarillo   #yellow   #fineart   #fineartphotography   #light   #luz   #yasmin   #yasminsimpson  
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Thank you so much +Anna Ryndak :)
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Yasmin Simpson

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Thoughts and Prayers for everyone in my Mexico for the arrival of hurricane Patricia, a category five storm and "the most dangerous in history" (Greg Botelho CNN) :(
Love you all.
#hurricane   #patricia   #mexico   #nayarit   #vallarta   #thoughts   #naturaldisasters  
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Nice pc
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Yasmin Simpson

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Thank you for always being here for me...
#support   #flowers   #flowerphotography   #fall   #autumn   #autumnphotography   #community   #light  
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My sweet buddy +Tom Tran hugs
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Yasmin Simpson

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Lovely series.
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Yasmin Simpson

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I ❤ Paris...
Have a wonderful week, everyone!
‪#‎paris‬ ‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎blackandwhite‬ ‪#‎eiffeltower‬ ‪#lightoparis
Paris 2015 - Nikon D90 (ISO 200, 18mm, f/3,5, 1/100)
Lightroom and Adobe PS
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Very professional look :)
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Yasmin Simpson

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“Life goes on” 
~Andy Nguyen
Enjoy your weekend everyone 
#flowersphotography   #flowers   #floral   #macro   #texture   #texturas   #red   #rojo   #fineart   #fineartphotography   #nikon  
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Love you xoxo
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Yasmin Simpson

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Grief is the price we pay for love”
~ Queen Elizabeth II ~Dr. Colin Murray
I don't even know where to begin. It was 6 months ago today that my mom passed away and there isn't a day gone by that I don´t think about her and miss all her more than words can describe.
She was the brightest light of my life when I was born, before and after. Nothing prepared me for her loss, even knowing she would die. 
A mother is a story with no beginning and end, a mother is your entry into the world, waking up without her is like waking up in a world without yourself.
I know that I am very blessed, having a wonderful mom like her beside me for so many years, a supportive and loving husband, kids, family and friends, a miraculous world to wake up every day. But knowing all this doesn’t make grieving easy.
GRIEF is not linear, it comes in waves, is a roller coaster, filled with highs and lows but LOVE is right here and never fails.
THANK YOU to anyone who has taking the time to read me, to send me public and private messages.
Thank you, thank you for all your support, patience, understanding and for encouraging me to continue posting my images.

#grief   #autumn   #mom   #luto   #otoño   #leaves   #yasmin   #yasminsimpson  
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Thank you so very much to all.
+Rita Gijbels sorry to hear about it.
Thank you +salgado49, sweet comment!.
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Yasmin Simpson

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Family and Friends ❤️.
Sorry for my absence around social media, traveling and enjoying my Mexican culture in so many beautiful ways, people, food, weather, lifestyle... everything.
So thankful for each one of you ❤️🙏🏼
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+Alejandrina María Uribe-Betancourt mi bella prima, perdon que me toma tanto en contestar, desde la muerte de mama todo ha cambiado, tengo que regresar a Mexico super seguido a cerrar todas sus cosas.
Un camino largo, doloroso que conoces,
Prima, Dios te bendiga y siempre estes llena de bendiciones.
Te recuerdo con carino.
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Yasmin Simpson

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Back to School Week and Summer is still looking awesome in this part of the world ❤...
Sorry, that I am not posting as often as before, attending personal issues.
Wishing you all well :)
#backtoschool   #summer   #sunshine   #canada   #victoria   #britishcolumbia   #themagicoflight  +The Magic of Light 
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+Tammy Jackson So sweet from you Tammy. Sorry for the delay in responding.
Wishing you a happy week! :)
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    Degree in Communication Sciences
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Yasmin Becerra Uribe
❥PHOTOGRAPHER ✰DESIGNER ❦SOCIAL MEDIA LOVER... ➢Constantly learning and loving it!

It's a Beautiful World to photograph and cherish forever


Es un Mundo Bello para fotografiar y compartir por siempre


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Google+ users I recommend because they have been teaching me that is not enough to be an Extraordinary Talented Photographer also is necessary to be a humble human being and constantly contribute to the development of other photographers and people around this world.

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these valuable google+ tools.


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10000 Photographers Around the World by Robert SKREINER

Texture Blend Photography by Gemma Costa

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I am originally from Mexico City which is where I earned a degree in Communication Sciences/Studies (Mass Media).  For as long as I can remember, my passion has been photography and design. Photography grants me the opportunity to explore and develop the creative side of my personality.

My life experience has been enriched by the privilege of having lived in three different countries (Mexico, USA and now, Canada).

My specialties include: fine art, macro, flora, landscape, kids and family portraits. As a Visual Communicator and Image Maker, I love to create tools and memories that will last forever.

The scope of photographic and marketing services I provide include: Photo Editing, Image Manipulation, Retouching, Masking, Logo Design, Web Design and Slideshows. 

Marketing Collaterals Print Media (from single presentation pages to full colour, multi-page brochures, signs, etc.) 


Soy originaria de la Ciudad de México donde obtuve la Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Comunicación y desde que recuerdo la Fotografía ha sido mi pasión.

He sido muy bendecida al tener la oportunidad de vivir en tres países diferentes (México, Estados Unidos de Norteamérica y ahora Canadá).

Bragging rights
Very Blessed daughter, wife and mommy
Yasmin Simpson Photography
✒︎Photography ✒︎Design ✒︎Social Media
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