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Yasmin Simpson
Works at Yasmin Simpson Photography
Attended UAM-Mexico City
Lives in Victoria, B.C.


Happy Earth Day, everyone!
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super, Yasmin
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Yasmin Simpson

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Hope everybody is having a great Easter Weekend!
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Happy Easter Yasmin! :)
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E Cindy
beautiful! I've been to Butchart Gardens once in September not a good season. When would be a better time to visit? +Yasmin Simpson I will visit again :-)
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Just ❤︎ Tulips

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Thank you.
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Yasmin Simpson

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The latest Photo Exchange Club Member List for
April 10 to April 17, 2014 is here.
Thank you so very much to +Photo Exchange Club + +Malthus John for these awesome circles.
The latest Photo Exchange Club Member List is here!
April 10 to April 17, 2014

If you're new to G+, or you just love beautiful photos, add this curated circle, and enjoy viewing the posts in your stream!

If you are a photographer of any level, you may qualify to become a member.  This circle share, a weekly contest, a lot of engagement from fellow members, and many G+ users circling you are all the benefits of being in this great club.

This circle is shared every 2 weeks, and if you want to be in the next one, add a URL to a recent G+ photo from your stream  in the comments below.  Mingle through the comments, click on some links to other people's shots and get to know some new people with similar interests.  You need at least 25% of your posts to be either your own photos, or credited work of others. (preferably G+ users!)  *Please do not add more than 1 photo per week here!*

The (optional) Photo of the Week Contest is here >>

Last week's winner was +Tor Pedersen - see his photo here >>, and the other 2014 winners here >>

See the Honorable Mention album here >>
and the 2013 Winners here >>

The Biggest Ripple Award goes to >> +Cathy Neth << with a chain of 18 shares!  Thanks to all those that helped: +Heather Kelman,  +Brian Dukes,  +Miguel Almeida Sharing,  +Robin Cohen,  +Anders Stedtlund,  +Stefanie Schächtel,  +Larry Beekman,  +Vinod Kalathil,  +Sergio Miranda,  +John Onnen,  +Septimiu Catona, +Share Card-Photo,  +Berit Schurse,  +Markus Landsmann,  +Dominique Bonnet, and  +Heiko Köster !               

#photographycircle   #photographers   #photo_exchange_club  
#curatedcontent   #curatedcircle   #beautifulpictures   #PEC  
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Yasmin Simpson

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Resharing Easter goodies :)
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Happy Easter! These are lovely!
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The Very Important Circle by +Raffaele Romeo Arena is here.
Happy weekend to all :)
Very Important Circle

#specialcircle      #topengagers    #circleoftheday   #springcircle #weekendcircle   #Eastercircle  

Hi friends! This is an incredible circle, created with important selection from my another ten circles very importants.
In this circle there are only engagment people. If you want enlarge your circle, you must reshared this circle. And so, do you want enlarge your circle? And now, *what are you waiting to reshare?

The most important engager is reshared, because only with it we could enlarge the our circle.

if you want to be part of the next  Special Cirlce V.19:
1 - include me in your circles 
3 - shared the circle (include yourself) 
4 - add +1 to the post 
5 - happy life and sun is sunshine. 
6 - Happy Easter

More you share more you are great.

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Hi ... I hope that my health raffaele Vtndrst you choose as a friend Thank
you for your useful Vamydvarm good friend Amir, my name is I'm from Iran
piano is my job, please tell me where are you from, what Vshghlt forward to
seeing you and God bless ...
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Photographer ❤︎ Social Media Lover
✒︎Photography ✒︎Design ✒︎Social Media... Constantly learning and loving it!
  • Yasmin Simpson Photography
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Victoria, B.C.
Scottsdale, Arizona - Mexico City - Vancouver, B.C.
❧ Photography ❧

It's a Beautiful World to photograph and cherish forever


Es un Mundo Bello para fotografiar y compartir por siempre


I have created a LIST of Bilingual Photographers (Spanish-English & English-Spanish). Feel free to join it... FOTOGRAFOS BILINGUES ✎ BILINGUAL PHOTOGRAPHERS


I'm Involved in Public Circles


Google+ users I recommend because they have been teaching me that is not enough to be an Extraordinary Talented Photographer also is necessary to be a humble human being and constantly contribute to the development of other photographers and people around this world.

 Jarek Klimek    /   Trey Ratcliff   /   Thomas Hawk    /   Pawel Tomaszewicz   /   Alex Koloskov   /   Elia Locardi   /  Colby Brown   /   Lotus Carrol   /   Patrick Di Fruscia   /   Johan Peijnenburg   /   Athena Carey   /   Julia Anna Gospodarou   /   Sharon Thomas   /   Shirley Lo   /   Victor Bezrukov   /   Joel Tjintjelaar   /   Lars Clausen       ...and many many more.

Sorry for all the one that should be in this list and I couldn't mention.


Learn about the Public Circles Project:

Thank you very much to Jarek Klimek for all

these valuable google+ tools.


I am a Member of Group / AS

10000 Photographers Around the World by Robert SKREINER

Texture Blend Photography by Gemma Costa

If you would like to know more about Daily Themes, here is the link...


I am originally from Mexico City, where I earned a degree in Communication Sciences and for as long as I can remember, my passion has been photography. 

I have been very blessed living in three different countries (Mexico, USA and now, Canada), where I have experienced the cultural diversities and the vastly different photographic opportunities. 


Soy originaria de la Ciudad de México donde obtuve la Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Comunicación y desde que recuerdo la Fotografía ha sido mi pasión.

He sido muy bendecida al tener la oportunidad de vivir en tres países diferentes (México, Estados Unidos de Norteamérica y ahora Canadá), donde me he enriquecido conociendo y admirando las diferencias culturales y los diferentes escenarios.

Bragging rights
Very Blessed daughter, wife and mommy
  • UAM-Mexico City
    Degree in Communication Sciences
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Yasmin Becerra Uribe
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