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Yannick Lemin
Software Craftsman playing with Android (since 2008)
Software Craftsman playing with Android (since 2008)


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Hello everyone, I guess I had forgotten about this place ... So just in case anyone is still following this -->
We are organising a Kotlin Crash Course event on August 12th.
So if you're interested, register quickly !

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Hello everyone,
We'd like to know if you would be interested in a Kotlin course that would happen this summer!!! So please fill up this survey so that we know if it's a good idea or not :)

Thanks a lot and see you around :)
Cheers !


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Hello all,

Developers Alliance is a group which aims to bridge the gap between mobile (and other) developers and anyone doing the policies and legislations.

They are organising an event June 27th in Brussels entitled The Next Challenges for the EU Mobile Economy.

Any of you that might be interested to join can do so, it is free and it could be very interesting to know what is going on that front as well.

Here is the message from them:

The Developers Alliance invites you to an open discussion on the state of the mobile economy in Europe.

Data shows that the ecosystem is thriving, but such a growing and innovative space needs an enabling regulatory environment to continue to prosper. The event will focus on this, and will try to clarify the role of the government in the marketplace, predict the future of mobile app technology, and analize the state of competition in Europe.

Don't miss your chance to join policy-makers from the European Commission and the European Parliament, leading mobile companies and more, as they gather to discuss the future of mobile innovation in Europe!

The session will be followed by a networking reception, with drinks & canapés served.

For more information and to register to the event, check out the link.



Another question while I'm at it,

My LG Urbane 2 is currently still running the Wear2 dev preview 4 or whatever the last version was.
However, now that we don't have access to the original factory images, how will I be able to pass that watch to the stable final version of Wear 2 (if it ever comes out for that watch) ? I suppose I will not get an OTA if I stay on the dev preview version, so I should go back to the official wear 1.x image or something, right?

Again +Hoi Lam +Ian Lake any pointers ? After that I'm done annoying you I promise :)

Thank you :)

Hi everyone,

I am working on an app which embed a Wear 1.x apk, it is in the Play Store but the watch icon does not show up.
We checked for manifest features or things along those lines, we even decompiled the Google Play Music app to check what they were doing that we didn't, but we couldn't find anything.

+Ian Lake +Hoi Lam any pointers as to what we're supposed to do to have this icon displayed in the store?

Thanks in advance :)

Hey guys, FYI we have a twitter account now --> @GDGBrussels ... follow us to know everything there is to know about whats going on with the GDG :)

Hello knowlegeable crowd of the Know How community,

I am very much into home automation and I'm playing around with Raspberry Pis and a little Arduino.
My current project is the following: I live in an appartment which I rent, I can't transform anything, and this I have to find was to add to it.
One of the nice thing about the appartment is that I have electric blinds at the windows, and they all work with a remote control, which must be RF because I can use it without a line of sight.

Do any of you know a way I can build some kind of a similar remote on a Raspberry Pi so that I can connect it to my network?

Thanks a lot in advance :)


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Very interesting to hear the stories of massive companies doing the Google Cloud plunge... Inspiring :) #CloudNext17 #extended

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Hello members,

Our friends at the GDG-Cloud are organising one full day of firebase training!!!

It's going to be super interesting, given by Stefan Hogendoorn which is a Google Developer Expert on Firebase ... and it's FREE!!!

So if Firebase is a technology that you have an interest in, go to the link below and register now.



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Hello guys,

New event coming up
New format, let's learn together! This time, Android Things.

You know what to do :)
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