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There I am again: my 16 Go +Android +Nexus 4 has "Insufficient storage available." Please +Google think about power users! 32 Go starts to become necessary. Thank you.

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Android Key Lime Pie Features Wishlist:

1/ Make the Launcher customizable

* Theme engine
* Desktop
* Dock
* Drawer
* Icons
* Folders
* Gestures
* System colors (
* Notification bar
* Notification light

2/ Ringtone editor and possibility to set a song as a ringtone

3/ Camera enhancements

* Burst mode
* Face and smile detection
* Image stabilization
* Self timer
* Red eyes correction

4/ Revamped Gallery app 

* Possibility to hide a particular album (music album covers, books covers, and so on)
* More Slideshow options

5/ Call timer statistics

* Incoming call time on a given period
* Outgoing call time on a given period
* Alert on consumption

6/ Merge messenger apps together

* Google Talk
* Google + Messenger
* Stock SMS/MMS app

7/ Improved Swype keyboard to manage the space bar

8/ Better cloud integration

* A folder on the device where Google Drive could sync over 3G/4G/WiFi
* Retrieve/store application data from/to the cloud

9/ A stock and proper File Manager app

10/ Merge with Google TV so whenever a smartphone or a tablet mirror its screen on a TV, it actually makes this TV become a Google TV.

11/ Android@Home app

12/ Native remote control of device from the Play Store account interface

* Track device position
* Wipe data
* Display messages
* Take picture front/rear camera

13/ Support for USB 3.0

14/ Support for Bluetooth 4.0

15/ Split screen multitasking

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