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So that's what's actually wrong with social media. Attached is a screenshot from the top Google results on query "election results popular vote" as of a few minutes ago.
The link that's trending in the news is an obscure blog, whose author clearly has a few issues, giving "definitive results" that impressively nobody else has (and nobody can have, since it's trivial to find out that a large number of votes haven't been counted at all yet...).

Well at least he's honest enough to say that he got those "results" from Twitter.
Now the problem is that for some reason (legions of bots I suppose), this page is trending enough to be cited en masse on Twitter and Facebook. Which I guess boosts the page rank for Google, so it makes the news... so it gets shared on Facebook... and Twitter... which convinces Google that it's really a worthy piece... you get the idea.

It's basically that very old problem when chatbots start talking to each other on IRC: they easily spiral down. But the real issue here is that they drag people with them: people who'd actually want to believe those numbers, and won't actually open the link to evaluate its (lack of) merit. As we know, confirmation bias is a very powerful phenomenon, so it's a concert of "I knew it, (expletive) liberals" instead.

So yeah, I'm sorry Google/Facebook/Twitter, but you're part of the problem on that one: there needs to be a difference between opinions and facts (or plain lies), and you're just not helping. I understand and respect the appeal of neutrality, but that's not the current situation: a trollocracy is born.

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An analysis by +Lawrence Lessig.

tl;dr: it's perfectly consistent to wish for the end of the electoral college, and to expect them to step up right now.
I must say I love the idea: it kinda feels like a potential self-healing system.

Regardless, it's interesting to see how most of the election system is really governed by tradition/expectations rather that actual law.
Sensu stricto, it's a fairly undemocratic system that just happens to mostly work.

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So refreshingly entertaining, and also very nicely done.
Featuring some of my favorite actors too, love it :)

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the EFF will be 25 soon. Let's celebrate with appropriate donations :)

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now that is a very nice python shell !
I've been using IPython, IDLE and traditional Python shell a lot. But i really liked this new shell, including features like highlighting and code completition with help.
#python #ipython #ipythonnotebook #pythonscripting #ptpython

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Best thing about Thanksgiving holidays is that I get to code a bit...

Lately I've been doing quite a lot of stuff around making use of CoreOS and Docker in a VMware environment. One of my personal itches is that the OVF story around CoreOS is pretty weak, although that's exactly what would be required to get proper integration with VMware platforms.

I won't detail all the steps that are required to get there, but during the week-end I did shave the yak a little more, and came up with a Go library that embeds the chunk of VMware tools that's required to dialog with the host (also known as the VMware Backdoor), and in particular get some context from it.

Most of the code I didn't write of course, and I simply reused the LGPL open-vm-tools. It was still fun to bridge C and Go this way.

All in all that means that you get tools-like properties even without tools installed. Although CoreOS now comes with some bits in this area, I really wouldn't want to rely on exec("vmtoolsd") to get stuff done, and certainly not bind-mount it inside containers.

As a basic example, here's a toy Docker container:

$ docker run sigma/vmw-vmtest
You are running on VMware Workstation/Fusion

(indeed I am ! ;))

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the Emacs Stack Exchange just entered public beta ! Let's celebrate by posting awesome questions and answers :)

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20 years ago, I was listening to what I thought was Pink Floyd's last album. So excited to have been wrong !

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We’re excited to announce CoreOS is now available on DO.

The availability of CoreOS on DigitalOcean provides the easiest and fastest way for web and mobile developers interested in working with Docker to deploy applications and experiment with containers.

Read the blog post here:

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I'm writing quite a few documents with reStructuredText these days, but tables are mostly a pain.
Fortunately, Org provides orgtbl-mode to be able to leverage the awesome table editor in arbitrary modes, by using mode-specific translators.

There's not ReST translator that I know of, so I quickly wrote a simple one. Nothing fancy, and I made a few assumptions on the shape of the Org table, but it's good enough for my purpose (as long as I don't have to realign those stupid cells, I'm happy).
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