Compare duckduckgo with google first page using a textual web browser (w3m here)

Guess which most people will prefer?
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What I like is the [SSL] part, even in text mode!!!
DDG is very good for privacy. For now the quality of the results is a bit under the google one, which is quite impressive when we compare their size.

In term of service, the bang commands are really useful. I believe I'll use ddg more and more. 
Even my girlfriend was converted to DDG ;) but for people doing mainly searches in non-English languages, the quality of results is greatly improved by setting the language in the parameters...
Thanks, I've just discovered you could add r:fr to search in France (I am not sure it search for French)! It is time for another try at using ddg as main search engine. My only regret is when I surf on my Mac. You cannot add easily another search engine. And I dislike adding a new bar in safari.
I don't use Safari but I think there's an extension for that ;)
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