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Yankee Flyers Dog & Disc Club
Letting the fur fly since 1999
Letting the fur fly since 1999

Fun day had by all during  #FDDO  day at #DogDaze15  yesterday! Day 2 is going on at  #SalemCommunityPark  all day.  Keeping up with all the public shares as best we can - only public posts/shares are accessible for the digital story.  More to come today ( #Skyhoundz   #DiscDogathon ), and next week we will put up the whole digital archive on the website. Thanks to everyone contributing throughout the event!!  
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Our digital story has already started!  Please use the hashtag for the event 8/22-8/23: #DogDaze15  make sure to tag  +Yankee Flyers Dog & Disc Club  (@YankeeFlyers) on social media. Please make images/videos/posts that are shared public!   #YankeeFlyers   Thank you!! 
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Salem Community Park
Registration at 8:00am, Event starts at 9:00am
FDDO on Saturday
Skyhoundz DiscDogathon on Sunday
(no official end time either day, timing depends on number of participants)
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