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Yanik Falardeau
I am another you. Artist - Free Spirit - Creative Soul -Spark Igniter - Co-Creator of a better World - Night Owl
I am another you. Artist - Free Spirit - Creative Soul -Spark Igniter - Co-Creator of a better World - Night Owl


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Three years ago, it felt as though my life was falling apart in every way. One night, I painted this piece and called it Focus. Believe it or not, it has been missing for the past three years. I lost it after showing it at the Open Mind Festival or perhaps at a local gallery? Honestly, I just couldn't find it anywhere and couldn't figure out what happened to it. I was extremely distraught at the time, but I dealt with the loss by telling myself I had simply lost my FOCUS. It became a powerful symbol for me.

So, on the day I realized I lost it, I vowed to focus and to get into alignment with the greatest version of myself. Even though my life is now completely different (YAY, FOCUS !) I recently realized I was still clinging to a few old stories and limiting beliefs that are preventing me from truly being the best version of myself. A few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to let go of my old stories and move forward with purpose and passion.

I'm sure you know what happens when you declare something to the Universe! Yep! Everything has been pretty magical for me since .... I've been blessed with new energy, new chance encounters and new exciting projects. But this story takes the cake and I just had to share it with you all !

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of coaching a visionary leader seeking greater alignment with his heart and soul purpose. We talked about the importance of honouring who we are as artists and creators.

I left the meeting completely inspired and I felt the sudden urge to create more space in my studio so I could focus even more and deepen my alignement through my art.

I joyfully got to work, cleaning and clearing things that had been in my studio for years. I also decided to move things around a bit in order to change the energy

I pushed an old desk aside and lo and behold.... there was my painting!!!

Friends, I have found my FOCUS!

The funny thing is, my focus was there all along, less than on foot away from me. I'm tickled pink to think that she was meditating silently for 3 years, watching me work and just waiting for me to decide to let go of the old and create space in my life.

I love the way the Universe works! Abundant blessings and infinite gratitude! Does this resonate with you? Are you ready to let go in order to have more focus and greater alignment ? I'd love to hear your thoughts ! <3 <3 <3

#Align #Focus #Gratitude
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What is your dream? Quel est ton rêve? ¿Cuál es tu sueño?

When you get into alignment with your heart's desire, the Universe has a way of bringing magic into your life.

I've been asking people about their dreams and helping them make their dreams come true for years. But I recently realized that I often deny my own dreams or push them to the bottom of my priorities list. Do you do that too? My dream was to travel again to discover new places and meet people who would inspire me. I finally decided to take the leap a few weeks ago with my best friend Sophia Bouchard-Artist and we headed to the Dominican Republic for a well deserved vacation. We've been best friends for 27 years and this was our first vacation together. Little did we know we would experience a profound transformation.

I met the most amazing, heart centered, generous and kind people in Samanà Dominican Republic and I am so eager to share their stories with all of you. Let me introduce you first to Monchi Green a young man with a beautiful and kind heart who radiates with positive energy. Monchi and I talked at lenght over the course of one week and I loved his view on life. In this short video, he shares his simple yet profound dream.

Are your dreams a lot like Monchi's? Let him know! Share your thoughts in the comments.

#Align #Gratitude #BetterWorld #Dream — feeling blessed with Monchi Green in Samaná, Dominican Republic.
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A few months ago, I received a commission request for a painting from a prominent life coach in the US. I embarked on the project with a nervous, but open heart. I went out and invested in the best quality paints I couldn't afford and I set aside precious time for the creation process.

When this face emerged and I knew the piece would be called "Love Yourself". The colours flowed and my heart was light, but in the back of my mind I wondered if I loved myself enough to face the possibility of rejection ….

When I presented the piece to the kind lady, she was gracious and polite…. But I could feel it was not what she had in mind. It took weeks for her to be able to tell me she would not be using the piece in her project. I was fine with it, at first. I've come to realize that people either connect with a piece or they don't and I truly believe in cultivating alignment with all things. Even though I could intellectualize her decision and be fine with it, the truth is, that it dented me, a little.

In my coaching practice, I have come to realize that on some level, we are all afraid of not being loved just as we are. It's a universal fear. This fear of not being loved stops many of us from showing our work or our creations. It prevents us from truly living the life we dream of. It creates other fears - fear of being seen, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being worthy and on and on. When it doesn't stop us, it can definitely slow us down…

Rejection hurts. But should it prevent us from living life with an open heart? When someone rejects us, our ideas, our work or our creations, are they rejecting US? When we love someone deeply, and they don't love us back does it mean we are unworthy of love? Of course not. But that is what many of us believe. And that belief shapes thoughts, our words, our actions and ultimately, our destiny.

I didn't show this painting online, till now. Because after the rejection, I started to dislike her, too. I focused on her imperfections. I thought of ways I could improve her and even toyed with the idea of burning it or painting over it completely. Instead, I sat patiently with her. For months.

So, this lovely divine feminine avatar has been sitting in a corner of my studio, watching me intently, ever since. Her eyes seem to follow me around the room. - Do you love yourself enough, Yanik, she silently asks? Do you love yourself enough to live your life with an open heart even when you are rejected by strangers or those you love the most?

Today, my heart finally responded: - Why would you ever want to live a life with a closed heart? What would be the point of all of this? Out of the vastness of the universe, you are here, now. What will you do with your time and energy? What could be more important than to BE love? Whether you are loved back or not isn't the point. You are here to Love MORE. Fear less. Show your heart. Speak from your heart. Work from your heart. Create from your heart. Align with your heart.

Share if you care, dear ones. The world needs your heart. #Align
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Dans cette vidéo, je démystifie le concept du Dreamclass et je vous partage l'histoire de comment le Dreamclass a changé ma vie!

Si vous avez envie d'une vie plus heureuse, plus simple, plus en alignement avec votre coeur et vos valeurs et plus abondante, venez nous en parler au Dreamclass. C'est comme ça qu'on créée un monde meilleur.

Il ne reste que quelques jours avant la fin de la période d'inscription au Dreamclass pour les co-créateurs d'un monde meilleur qui aura lieu à Laval au #Embassy Plaza le 1er avril prochain.

Inscriptions en ligne seulement avant le 29 mars, 2017
Pour tous les détails

Au plaisir de créer un monde meilleur avec vous en honorant vos rêves! À bientôt!
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Si vous avez peur de nommer votre rêve ou de passer à l'action, je vous comprends parfaitement. Avez-vous envie de vous ouvrir aux possibles? J'ai une solution à vous proposer!

Il ne reste que quelques jours pour vous inscrire au #DreamclassLaval pour les co-créateurs d'un monde meilleur qui aura lieu au #EmbassyPlaza à Laval le premier avril prochain!
Pour tous les détails, visitez
Pour vous inscrire

Courage! Nous sommes tous dans le même bateau! Ramons ensemble? ;-)
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Avez-vous l'impression qu'il est meilleur de donner que de recevoir? Savez-vous nommer votre besoin? Savez-vous recevoir l'abondance de la vie? J'ai hâte de vous entendre.

Soyez des nôtres au Dreamclass Laval le premier avril prochain. Vous apprendrez à nommer votre besoin afin que l'univers tout entier puisse vous aider à manifester votre rêve.
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Ça fait plus de trois ans que je dis à Adam Taschereau que je veux le filmer quand il parle de sa mission, ses rêves ou de quelque chose qui le passionne. Il devient lumineux! Adam est un homme d'une grande simplicité qui accomplit de grands rêves en ce concentrant sur une intention simple, celle d'être heureux.

Je vous invite à prendre le temps de regarder cette entrevue de fond où Adam Taschereau l'inspirant home de coeur, le joyeux rassembleur de NOUSRIRE - Groupe d'achat d'aliments biologiques et écoresponsables le OpenMind Festival Espace Omeya - Être, s'inspirer, se renouveler et grandir

Adam a généreusement offert de son temps et de sa magnifique énergie positive pour parler de son rêve et partager son essence et sa vision pour l'humanité. Une entrevue qui touche droit au coeur et que j'ai très hâte de vous partager. Le saviez-vous? Adam est partenaire cadeau pour le #DreamclassLaval Youppidou! J'ai hâte de vous présenter son touchant cadeau! Je vous donne des nouvelles bientôt!

Merci de tout coeur à mon partenaire de vision Richard Duquette d'avoir été présent et ouvert à capter ce beau moment.
#DreamclassLaval #MerciLaVie #SoyonsHeureux #OeuvronsAvecCoeur #Collaborer #CocréerUnMondeMeilleur

Les liens d'Adam Taschereau

Richard Duquette Cinématographe et Chief Solutions Officer

Pour vous inscrire au Dreamclass Pour les Co-Créateurs d'un Monde Meilleur qui aura lieu le 1er avril, 2017 au #EmbassyPlaza à Laval de 13h-18h. Billets en ligne seulement!
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Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to tell you that tonight, I'm being interviewed by Annik Gareau Dream Life Coach! Annik is a a woman of clear, focused action and she will be a Gift partner at my Dreamclass for the co-creators of a better world on April 1st at the #Embassy Plaza in Laval! Gratitude!!

We are joining forces tonight for a Free live coaching session! She and I share the same passion and mission of co-creating a better world!

Join us Tonight March 20th at 9PM EST/6PM PST here on Facebook Live.

What are the biggest challenges and struggles that you're having right now regarding making your dreams come true? And if you could have 1 question answered in this context what would it be?

Tune in at

Join us on Facebook tonight! This is your chance to speak with two coaches in order to gain some clarity and take the next step towards manifesting your dream!

The quality of your life mirrors the quality of the questions you ask.

Annik, our host will select the most asked questions / requested topics and discuss them on our face to face interview.
Looking forward to connect with you virtually tonight.

Invite friends <3
Your Dream Life Coach
Ready to get your dreams come true? Apply here:

And Yanik ;-) Alignment Coach, Artist and #DreamclassLaval Facilitator
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C'est un bonheur et un honneur de vous présenter mon bel ami Emmanuel Lavigne Homme de coeur et d'action! Un rêveur à la fois puissant et d'une douceur incroyable qui a un talent pour rassembler les gens et de rêver, cocréer et collaborer pour réaliser de grands projets. Emmanuel a généreusement accepté d'être Partnaire Cadeau pour notre magnifique #Dreamclass qui aura lieu au #EmbassyPlaza à Laval le premier Avril prochain.

Découvrez la profondeur de l'homme et de ses rêves ainsi que le magnifique cadeau d'une valeur de 300$ qu'il offrira à un rêveur en action qui sera prêt à rayonner par le biais de son entreprise Valmedia
Aimeriez-vous avoir une vidéo professionnelle pour vous mettre en valeur? WOW! Quel beau cadeau. Merci pour ta grande générosité, Emmanuel! ;-)

#GratitudeInfinie #DreamclassLaval

La musique d'accompagnement de cette video à la double guitare est une composition nommée "Qi" et improvisée par Emmanuel Lavigne
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J'organise un Dreamclass pour les Cocréateurs d'un Monde meilleur au #EmbassyPLaza à Laval, Québec le 1er avril prochain et j'ai l'honneur et le plaisir d'accueillir Pascale Clauzier (Guide de libération émotionnelle) et Andrée Perreault ( Créatrice d'espaces sacrés) comme partentaires cadeau. Nous parlons de leurs grands rêves, de leurs défis et de leurs grands rêves pour l'humanité. Une rencontre de coeur à coeur en toute authenticité. Merci de tout coeur!
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