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"A Moment of Happiness" by Rumi (a 7 centuries old famous romantic poem talking about one soul in 2 bodies) presents a list of one soul in two bodies cases of reincarnation studied by the Chair of the Psychiatry Department at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Ian Stevenson (he wrote 14 books on reincarnation). In these cases there is serious overlap between the lives, suggesting that a soul might be able to dwell in two bodies, just as a soul can bilocate or trilocate (be in 3 places at once, or even more) in astral projection. A lot of Romantic poems talk about one soul two bodies, what if there is more to this than mere poetry? Ian Stevenson wikipedia ► has a picture depicting the soul or oversoul hypothetically choosing to learn faster by incarnating in multiple bodies at once in what people call split incarnations, parallel lives or twin souls (can be more than 2, even 7). Would 2 parallel lives be anomalous in any telepathy sense, not necessarily verbal, but any or other kinds of telepathy? This would be very hard to prove of course, but if you read the cases at explains how two past lives of Penney Peirce, those of Charles Parkhurst and Alice Cary, reportedly overlapped by 29 years. Ian Stevenson studied 2500 reincarnation cases, wrote 14 books on reincarnation, including a 2268 pages one on the Etiology of Birthmarks.

While there is far more evidence suggestive of reincarnation than of split souls, or parallel lives and much of the soul remaining in Heaven (thus the living being seen very active in Heaven, while still alive on Earth by other astral travelers) - it's not really impossible to conceptualize that at least rarely, this thing occurs, especially in the light of the fact in astral travel we can be in 3 places at once or more if more skilled. But anyway, everything is a hypothesis. We are perhaps not meant to know with 100.00% certainty what goes on in each case, among the genuine ones. Below are some quotes about parallel lives from 2 books.

"The energy of the soul is able to divide into identical parts, similar to a hologram. It may live parallel lives in other bodies although this is much less common than we read about. However, because of the dual capability of all souls, part of our light energy always remains behind in the spirit world. The souls who choose to split into two or more bodies within the same general time frame on Earth want to accelerate their learning." Hypothesis from the book "Destiny of Souls" by Michael Newton, 2003

"Can a soul have two or more incarnations at the same time?....they were unanimous that it is indeed possible....They were also unanimous that this is usually done in an attempt to accelerate the learning process by working on two life issues at once....Most of our sources who were asked how commonly this option is used seemed to suggest that it was rare."
— The Wisdom of the Soul: Profound Insights from the Life between Lives, Ian Lawton. 2007

If we have physical twins (1 in 77 births globally is twins), why not spiritual twins? lol. or something "similar on some level" to that? lol. What if 1 in 100 souls is already in 2 bodies without anyone knowing it???, while being in more bodies at once is more rare, the more bodies). But, just as they got 2500 cases of reincarnation, by Ian Stevenson, there are probably another 2500 of very strange events indicating some kind of something going on between certain souls due to certain maybe properties of what goes on with souls before and after dying, but one can formulate so many hypotheses as to what goes on, at least 4 major ones, so it's not easy to even prove where to begin etc. entangled souls? same soul in 2 bodies? or even 3? who knows? sounds crazy, lol. While i am not sure what to believe, like many billions probably are not sure either about this wild idea, i find it easy to accept the concept that some kind of extremely complex soul creation process might exist and in some circumstances some souls are a little more in tune with the other due to something going on, besides living in the same dimension between lives, before birth or whatever one believes into, among the trillions of possible places. lol.

One soul in 7 bodies may be 1 in 3 billion cases, if that. Who can research this? Presumably one would need to be some ultra skilled expert in trilocation and heptalocation perhaps to see the 3 or 7 silver cords returning to the same GLOBE in Heaven (in many NDEs and OBEs spirits in higher heavens appear as Globes of Light, without form, but can take a form or flash it temporarily just to be recognized easier, before becoming Light Globe again) and thru the links between of silver cords explain anomalous events? But maybe not, maybe just bilocation would be enough proof for some, like you trace where Heaven source of a silver cord goes??? Anyway, it's a wild topic. lol.

For 400+ reincarnation cases and free e-books about reincarnation cases


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