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Have YOU punched the evil in the face today?
Have YOU punched the evil in the face today?

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We moved one of the pianos.
It's not against the wall as an upright would normally be. It's against the railing that divides the dipped living room and the dining room, so it actually sitting right in the middle of the house.

It fills the house differently, more softly. 

Our eldest child was born November 14th.


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Those two little ones make the weirdest faces. 
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Our 11 year old daughter went on the Fire Ball ride at
the #HRSRCarnival2017 .

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Excuse me.
In the state of Florida, you have the right to defend yourself wherever you are, whether it's in the street or in your own backyard. 

Guess the child:
"Can you teach me how to break a beer bottle to make a glass slide for my guitar?"
"But you're a music teacher!"


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I caught my student's sister trying to learn a tune from Hamilton. She was as resourceful as she could get what with her toe's striking the low key.

I'd teach her the art of aiming and damper pedaling if she weren't so independent.

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It's so hard being a puppy.

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"Not everybody likes chocolate cake."
8 year old younger twin...
Enjoying raw onions.
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