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I started the morning on a run,
but Joggers Heel was so intolerable that I slowed it down to a quick walk. 
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I try to run only on the street. There are many disadvantages of running on the sidewalk: harder ground, unevenness (caused by water meters, trees' roots), and cars parked in the way. I don't live close to any dirt trails. 
The dogs are good running. In fact, that's when they behave the best! :D 
Thanks for the motivation, James.
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Yané Marie Sleppy

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I just... Don't know.
h/t +Luke Shiras
You guys are a laugh riot!
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Pretty cool how The First Day of Creation is during Easter Week this year.
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Yané Marie Sleppy

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What's a WPLG van doing in Palmetto Bay?
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I didn't see any, just the van with the tall antenna. One sedan was parked behind it. Both were parallel parked in the swale.
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Yané Marie Sleppy

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Here, I teach one of my piano students.
Take a listen!
I use this teaching technique frequently, asking the student to play one clef (or hand) while I play the other. It is good to use after a student has been working on a piece for several days, having learned the notes yet not having mastered the rhythm.
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As soon as I walked in from work,
The 10yo boy beat the game,
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
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He has officially become a man
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Yané Marie Sleppy

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Guitar Lesson.
Easter colors, she says.
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Yané Marie Sleppy

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During our piano lesson. So loud! Haha! The student apparently is not distracted, so on with the show.
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Yané Marie Sleppy

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Good way to start the day, methinks.

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The time I spend making income doesn't occupy me as much as the time I spend not making income.
I can harmonize in song, French braid my own hair, make Halloween costumes without a pattern, play Hanon exercises perfectly (I mean *perfectly*), and teach the illiterate to read English and musical notation.
  • Independent Contractor
    Pianist, 2003 - present
    Provide piano accompaniment for: -musicals (children's theater, school productions) -ceremonies (weddings, receptions, funerals) -parties (cocktail, corporate events, Christmas) -competitions and auditions (for solo instruments, i.e. clarinet, violin) I am familiar with over 200 Christmas and winter holiday songs and carols, secular and sacred.
  • At Home Music, Inc
    Director/Instructor, 2006 - present
    Interview students and refer them to suitable, qualified teachers Organize music recitals Visit students in their homes Teach sight reading, music theory, piano performance, and musicianship
  • US Army
    35E (Currently 94E), Radio/ComSec Repair, 1997 - 2000
    Troubleshot and repaired communications equipment and electronics Did secretarial work the company's orderly room, under the direction of the Company Commander and First Sergeant, wrote letters and reports, filed papers, updated databases, &c. (6 months in 1998)
Basic Information
May 20
Other names
Mommy, Mrs. Sleppy, You may call me Ma'am.
It is in giving that we receive.
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Teacher
  • Pianist
  • Longhair
  • Runner
  • Seamstress

I like chocolate. I sew my own skirts and my daughters' dresses. Our hens run loose. I make a meeean Leftovers Goulash. 

I do not take my natural rights lightly.  

Whether military, customer, family, or church, my adult life has been one of service. I think the following quote sums it up pretty well:
     I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and beheld that service is joy. ~ R. Tagore

If you'd like to add me to your Circles, I post mostly about:
  • Happy feelings
  • Singing
  • South Florida weather
  • Rock & Roll
  • Classical music, specifically classical piano
  • Music Education
  • Elementary/ Primary Education
  • Homeschool/ Home Education Rights
  • Higher mathematics
  • Astronomy
  • Christian Education / Bible Study
  • General funny, witty, charming, clever goings-on in our household of seven.

If you've added me, I'd like to add you back, so let me know if you:
  • Love Christ
  • Are outnumbered by your children
  • Live in Florida
  • Served or are serving in the military
  • Exercise or are interested in fitness and health
  • Knit, crochet, or sew
  • Have a keen fashion sense
  • Home educate your children
  • Teach or play a musical instrument
  • Are a teacher in general
  • Choose what is right over what it easy

Jesus is the WayTruthLife. 
Gott lebet noch.
Soli Deo gloria. 

Bragging rights
I've taught the piano to a two-time Grammy winning musician.
  • US Army Schools
    Ordnance, 1997 - 1998
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The only thing wrong with this park is that there is very little shade in the parking lot. The trees at still young, so that'll change. I like that there is shade over the numerous benches. The play sections for younger and older children are separated. Other than the track/path that borders the south side, the playground is secure.
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It's a bit loud for a library, that's if you grew up on a world of quiet libraries. Call for times before going because they have changed since it first opened. Take a jacket. It's not a place to study of you're a serious student... But they allow you to wear ear plugs.
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