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Yair Barak
Geek, programmer, husband and father, in no particular order.
Geek, programmer, husband and father, in no particular order.

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You know nothing Jon Snow. Dammit.


Wow. Always fun to see the germans losing.

#msn   #barcelona  

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Not bad.

ZOMG. Just watched the last #Banshee . I think they redefined the term "cliffhanger". Amazing.

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Check out this video.

If (for some weird-strange-reason) you have an iPhone/iPad - try this app:

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Today I uploaded my first game to the Play Store. 
It's not just my first game, it's also the first Android app that using Umoove technology. Meaning: in this game the controller is your head. 

I'll be glad to get feedbacks. Thanks

Dear Google,
My Nexus 7 still didn't get a Lollipop, so he's really sad.

That's it.

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I watched tonight at "John Wick" - the new Keanu Reeves movie.
It's about a guy that Theon Greyjoy stole his car and dog, so he decided to start a killing spree.

I read somewhere that Keanu said he hopes to succeed again, and restore the fame of Matrix, with this "John Wick" movie.
Well, no. Maybe next time. 

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Edge of Tomorrow is a great movie, because:
If you like Tom Cruise then, well, good for you. It's a very fun movie.

If you don't like Tom Cruise, then you'll enjoy watching him dies again and again. Hundreds of times.

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