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Several major wildfires have scorched Colorado in the month of June, stretching from Fort Collins in the north to Colorado Springs in the south. The latest, a 3,500-acre blaze that started west of Colorado Springs on Saturday, is 5 percent contained as of Monday afternoon. Here are some photos of the blazes submitted by our readers:
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Actually the largest fire was started by lightning, and another was started by a house fire.. But usually it is some idiot... This heat wave in Colorado is making the job of the fire fighters a living nightmare..
It looks like the big one, High Park, was lightning-ignited, but there has been a demented fuckwit in my part of the state doing arson. The fire closest to me, Waldo Canyon, caused my brother-in-law to evacuate his home and move into my guest room for a few days. 

for the rest of the week we're expecting 100+ temps and no rain. Bless those $10/hour firefighters.
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