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Mitt Romney accepted the GOP nomination for president tonight, arguing he can usher in the change President Obama promised in 2008 but has failed to deliver. And unlike other remarks, Romney spoke at length about his life and his family: What did you think of his speech?
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So he is gonna ride in on the 2008 campaign promises of his opponent? 
It was a great speech. Could have done with better structure, but he spoke from the heart.
I found it a bit cliched to be honest - I felt that the 'middle class' he kept addressing meant people earning >2k per year.
And now the manure shovels get to work.
oh no irrelevance. I don't know how I'll continue my existential search for meaning. I guess I'll just have to innovate and make my own self relevant and not let others define me but rather define myself on my own terms. But this means I can never be a conservative since they are concerned with conforming with the standards of others especially those with power and authority.
well good I offended you since it doesn't take much for that to happen
Citizen Dave are you going to complain like Mitt Romney does  when he wines that the media is mean to him and doesn't treat him fairly? I thought robots aren't supposed to whine.
Did Romney say something new or different than his opponent? Does Romney think he's going to bring prosperity just by snapping his fingers? Economic recovery is happening slowly thanks to Obama and there's nothing Romney can do to speed up things.
+Diego Andrade That's absolutely ridiculous. Approve the XL pipeline, get the fucking EPA off the petro-energy companies backs, and that's just for starters.
Oh yeah? Is that why half of the pipeline is already in progress... or do you just like making shit up?
Oh that's right I forgot about the appeasement facet of POTUS's reign, so you are denying his two-faced purely politically motivated use of this project, and while were accusing people of making shit up, where do you get your "Half" figure? Did you just pull it out of your ass? 
+daniel farley Thanx for going to the trouble of posting the links, well done, while you were doing that I checked out your public profile, and it's obvious that we would probably disagree on where the sun rises, but that's O.K.. The last time I checked it was still a country where we can disagree.
The country loves you and think you are a very smart man but not smart to rule the USA.
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