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Former Coach of the Year Cathy Samford was let go for being pregnant out of wedlock, which violates a morals clause according to the Christian school where she teaches. Do you agree with the decision?
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There are too many aspects of our present life that is so reminiscent of what used to be 100 or more years ago. What has being pregnant got to do with your work and ethics? And this same people preach against contraception in the same token? So, just quit sex till you're married? What if you happened to just want to have sex without being ready to get married?

Lord, have mercy, Amen.
Ok, so they'll take her steady income away and medical benefits to ensure the child is born healthy and taken care of.....that'll teach her a lesson!
Shouldn't the Christian school be glad that she didn't get an abortion? This is truly a case of damned if you do (keep it) or damned if you don't (and get the abortion). She can't undo the past (getting pregnant) and she wants to do the right thing (have the baby). She is human (they make mistakes you know) so the Christian school does the exact opposite of what Jesus would do. WWJD?
"Christians" like this, and what we have in the Republican Party aka Conservative Movement, just make me believe that I'm a better Christian without a freaking Church.
@Lion I have believe that I do not need the church and all of its imperfect members to bring me close to God. I can do that on my own. The churchs are hypocrites. sorry if I spelt that wrong.
I don’t believe anyone being pregnant out of wedlock should have anything to do with their job!
If there is a contract with a morals clause and you don't live up to your contract you should lose your job. As an intelligent adult (I am assuming she is intelligent, she is a teacher) she should have practiced safe sex and she would have avoided this situation. She could have kept her job and continued her love life.
"Melinda"? You don't sound like a woman at all, and you must be existing in a cave.
although I would have given her the settlement, just for the sake of helping her out
Jeff M
she worked for a school that has morals.  So she should of keep her morales as high as the school she worked for.  Sorry no pitty here go work for a public school system somewhere.
Jeff M
And your point is what? 
Jeff M
It say Christian School moron not church.  Why do you non-Catholic's go right after the priest and everything else.  She signed a contract with the school she broke that conract your gone.  Sorry to say I was raised Catholc I was not abused so get off your high horse and go bother posting to some one that really cares about your paste and copy views
Jeff M
Yes I agree with it.  She was in a contract from what I heard
Galen G
Yes, most certainly.
Why is this a Christian issue instead of a contractual issue?  If it was in her contract it was in her contract, she knew the rules when she signed up.  Sucks but, hey...
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