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Hours after being told her baby was stillborn, a woman opens the casket for one last look and is shocked to hear cries.
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someone has a medical malpractice payday coming
It looks not only Chinese hospital and doctor are evil, but also Argentina. anyone else?
you right just me and yuo we do have our evil thougth and ways
this hospital is to be sued you know what could happen to the baby
this is the craziest news i have ever hear
i just found this, and decided to share it. If you want my advice, add me to your circles.
God is sooo Good! Dedicate that blessed child!  code~MK96444  3 piece Princess gowns $34.00 and everything else for all kids! 50-70% off
God's miracles are wonderful for making the mother have a last look.No one knows how many infants have been declared dead in that institution and buried alive.
The baby is destined to live in this world.....& perform his role......indeed  its  a miracle...Bless the baby!!!
a miracle wow god bless him always
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