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Hello, I've the same issue as others here: used the installer on mac osx 10.9.4 / Nexus 5 and it all went very smoothly until reboot. Now it's hanging at the blue demon face with the circling arrow ...  Support Token: ff6de9d9-a44d-4358-93e0-85d24c1055da

Let me know what other info is required. Cheers

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... and it'll go some way towards my personal target of 100GB (+ I'm curious ... just how much free storage can they offer?)

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Hello, been lurking around and making the odd comment in this group for a week or so and finally thought it about time to introduce myself. I'm Yael, and I'm to be found making images in my new home of Sydney, Australia.

Hoping to find both inspiration and critique in this group. Thank you
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