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Check out this awesome infographic: INDIA: WHEN & WHERE TO GO

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There's a great piece about our property at Ashvem Beach thanks to one of the UK's best travel bloggers, VickyFlipFlop, who stayed courtesy of (India's hippest hotels!).
Check out the full article and lovely photos here:

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We're now up and running at Ashwem Beach, Goa, and with Diwali almost upon us we're pretty much fully booked.

Every year we have the usual dramas in October and this year has been no exception. The tail-end of monsoon brings crazy 1-hour downpours, messing up our sand and destroying our lighting which we simply have to replace the next day. For a few weeks it's inevitably a case of '2 steps forward one step back'.

One thing we love about the first few weeks is that with few places open nearby we get a lot of guests staying on-site for dinner. This gives the guys in the kitchen - Mr Pal & co - a real boost in getting up to speed. This year's menu includes favourites from last year like the Cochin Railway Mutton Curry (made famous by Rick Stein) and our very own Jalu's Chicken Curry, as well as our simply deeeelicious evening-only thalis. Don't even get me started on the Kingfish Curry!

New additions to the menu include some western bits and bobs, as well as the somewhat leftfield addition of Barbecued Thai Chicken Legs - we'll see how that one goes... Also, we added the option to share a Whole Chicken roasted in our tandoor; the tandoor was specially built in our converted cottage kitchen and really does a great job.

Here are some snippets of the menus, will add some photos soon!
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We loved this article that some guests from last season posted on their site
It really captures some of the vibe around north Goa - the good, the bad and the simply crazy. Have a look, there are some great images on there as well.

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How to tip in India, perhaps the most useful thing we've posted in a while! Here is the article in full as we're always told that Google plus likes long-form articles, it's not facebook after all!!

This article comes courtesy of our friends at India Someday: We get asked a lot about how much to tip in India at different instances. Here’s our rough guide.

Tipping after meals at a restaurant
If eating a small meal, breakfast or snack with a bill total less than 300 INR, then a 10% tip is expected/appreciated. If you have small bills handy you can tip in multiples of 10 INR notes.

On totals ranging from 300 to 1000 INR, you can tip anywhere from 7 to 10%.

On bill amounts above 1000 INR, tipping 5 to 7% is sufficient.

Restaurants in Delhi and Mumbai often charge a ‘service charge’, not to be confused with ‘service tax’ (which is a government levied tax). When a ‘service charge’ is levied no tip is expected.

Tipping at hotels
Tipping at hotels in India is slightly confusing and can be annoying at times.

Often bellboys or room service staff may wait outside your room expecting a tip, and more so when there is no central tip box at the hotel.

We don’t recommend tipping individually, but rather offer a polite ‘thankyou’ with a smile and turn/walk away.

If in an uncomfortable situation, small 10 to 30 rupee notes are a good tip for small tasks.

As a rule then, we encourage tipping to a central tip box. These tips should be between 5 to 7% of the hotel tariff per night, divided by the number of days you have stayed. Note that when staying at expensive or 5-star hotels you can reduce this to between 3 to 5%. As an example, if you are at a hotel that is 2000 per night and staying for 3 nights, then tip about 350 overall.

*Exclude restaurant tips from general hotel tips.
*If you do not find a central tip box you can ask if they have one, or tip one central person at the reception and indicate this is a tip for everyone.
**If you are a young, budget traveller you can tip lower or just avoid tipping at hotel rooms.
Tipping multiple-day car hire drivers, day car hire drivers and transfers from airport or taxis/rickshaws.
In the case of airport transfer, tip approximately 30 to 50 INR.

If you rent a car for a day to tour the city, depending on how happy you were with the service, you can tip between 100 to 250 INR. Base your interpretation of good service on whether the driver gave you good local tips on places to eat or monuments to visit, and was generally helpful and did not take you to tourist-trap shops.

If you take a taxi or a tuk-tuk (rickshaw) from A to B after deciding a rate, then a tip is usually not expected.

When you have a driver over multiple days you should tip him between 150 - 300 INR per day. Again, base this on how happy you were with his service and local knowledge.

Tipping tour guides
You should tip a personal guide between 100 and 300 INR per day, depending on how happy you were with their tour. If you took a group tour then 30 to 50 INR is a fair tip.

Good to know
While India culturally does not have a strong tipping tradition, in most of the tourist towns tips are expected and frowned upon when not offered at all.

We do recommend tipping in various situations as explained above, but tip higher only when you are very happy with the service, or if you feel an individual went out of their way to help you.
Abbas Slatewala runs India Someday alongside Harsh, both actually helped co-found Tripzuki. You can find them over at

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New blog piece by Harsh over at Tripzuki. As we already know, our front garden Ashwem Beach is one of the 5 best beaches in Goa!

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