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See more of #PRIV by #BlackBerry with this hands on look from Carphone Warehouse
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手机备份最好用软件 G Cloud Backup 注册码[NPA244]
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The easiest Android Backup app that secures your contacts, call logs messag...
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+Jiang Yunting 媛猿们看过来!这个很喜感!
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...小黄人- -一直很喜感
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US8,至今未有 T_T
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Eagle flies over Paris with Sony Action Cam Mini - YouTube Eagle flies over Paris with Sony Action Cam Mini
On September 28th 2014, for the first time ever, a white-tailed eagle flew over the streets of Paris, soaring from the very top of the Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero Gardens, onto the forearm of its handler, thousands of feet away.
The white-tailed eagle has been extinct in France for over 50 years, and so to celebrate this momentous flight, they decided to use a Sony Action Cam Mini to record the event from a breath-taking point-of-view of the eagle, itself.  
The event was a collaboration with non-profit organization FREEDOM, whose objective is to re-introduce the white-tailed eagle into its natural habitat, in the French and Swiss Alps.
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Connects via audio signals … awesome…
How to transfer data from your previous phone to GALAXY Note 3

Switching to a new phone can be difficult, but it needn’t be. With Smart Switch, moving to the GALAXY Note 3 is easier than ever.

We all know how much of a hassle switching to a new phone can be. After you’ve copied all of your phone numbers, backed-up your photos and archived your text messages, you’ve then got to factor in data such as alarms, Wi-Fi settings, call logs, wallpapers, lock screen and app information. With Smart Switch we’ve taken the sting out of transferring data, ensuring you can get started with you GALAXY Note 3 straight away.

If you’re an existing Samsung Mobile user, transferring data from a device such as the GALAXY S4 or Note II is easy. Here’s how it’s done:

1) Navigate to Samsung Apps and download the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile on both of your GALAXY devices.

2) Bring the two devices within 20cm of each other and start Smart Switch Mobile on both devices.

3) Select ‘Connect’ on one of the devices. Smart Switch connects via audio signals, so make sure you’re in a quiet place otherwise it might be difficult to connect.

4) Select the content that you want to transfer. Smart Switch lets you transfer contacts, calendar dates, messages, pictures, music and more. Hit ‘Transfer’.

5) Tap ‘OK’ to accept the transfer of data on the receiving device.

6) You’ll see the progress bar indicating how much data has transferred. 

7) When the data has transferred, Smart Switch Mobile lets you download all of the apps from your previous device.

That’s it! You’re ready to go with your Note 3.

If you’re restoring a backup from an iPhone to the Note 3, you’ll need to download Smart Switch ( and iTunes onto your computer:

1) Open iTunes and backup your iPhone. You’ll need to connect using a cable and store the backup on your computer, not iCloud.

2) Choose 'File', then 'Devices' and 'Back up'. If you're using iTunes 10.7 or earlier, right-click your iPhone and select 'Back up'.

3) Once completed, disconnect your iPhone and connect your GALAXY Note 3 using a USB cable. Close AutoPlay if it asks you how you want to connect your device.

4) Open the Smart Switch PC tool, wait for the software to detect your iPhone’s latest backup and connect your Note 3.

5) Once Smart Switch has detected the iPhone backup you created in iTunes, click ‘Next’.

6) Smart Switch will show you all the content it was able to fetch from the iPhone backup.
(iOS-specific data such as Wi-Fi settings, alarms, notes and iOS calendar information are not supported by Smart Switch, so make sure you make a note of these before transferring.)

7) The bar at the bottom of Smart Switch indicates the total size of the content waiting to be transferred. When you’re ready to transfer the content, select ‘Start transfer’. Smart Switch will transfer your iPhone backup to your GALAXY Note 3.

8) Do not disconnect your device until the transfer is complete. You’ll be able to see the status after the transfer has been completed. Smart Switch will transfer all available content, including a list of apps.

9) Disconnect your device, download and launch the Smart Switch Mobile app on your GALAXY Note 3.

10) On the main page of Smart Switch is the ‘Matches’ and ‘Recommendations’ tabs. The ‘Matches’ tabs shows you all of the applications that have exact matches in the Play Store, with ‘Recommended’ showing alternative apps if there isn’t an exact match.

Once you’ve downloaded your apps, you’re ready to go!

You can also download a PDF version of the guide here:

What’s the first thing you do when switch phones? Let us know in the comments.

By Jonathan Hopkins, Contributing Writer

To find out more:
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Liyuan Xu

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Liyuan Xu

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Chromebook with touch screen…
The new Acer C720P Chromebook is available for pre-order now, and will hit the shelves soon. This latest device has a multi-touch screen, so you can tap and swipe your way through the web! Learn more:
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让电信iTV不占宽带业务带宽的独家方法 | WilliamGates Blog

标题有点大,准确来说应该是“电信光网接入下的家庭宽带让itv不占带宽的方法”,且仅在江苏电信测试过(据称四川和上海电信也使用相同技术和设备,但itv的网络接入方式各异,是否适用还需当地网友测试)。 说一下我的设备条件: 南京电信光纤20M宽带电信赠送华为HG8245光猫电信赠送中


前些天,创新工场李开复同学在2012博鳌亚洲论坛表示: “你们有多少人丢过手机?大概有15%。你们有多少人数据放在微软掉过的?我想不见得很多吧。所以相对来说是安全的。放在大公司里比自己拿着掉的概率更大,你不相信的话,可以问陈冠希先生。” 两种安全 看到这个消息的时候,我觉得李开复

科技公司老大們的桌子:扎克伯格、乔布斯、贝索斯、盖茨 - Setup - 新工具

科技公司老大們的桌子:扎克伯格、乔布斯、贝索斯、盖茨 ,新工具


使用Google的https搜索的时候,我们会发现搜索结果虽然可以显示,但是有时候结果的链接却无法打开。这里的原因是因为Google的https的搜索结果链接往往使用的是http的方式打开,因此有时候会无法访问,本文将介绍在Chrome下解决这个问题的方法。 早先一篇文章的解决方

Pulse News

Meet Pulse. A beautiful application that makes reading news fun and engaging.Pulse News is a beautiful app that takes your favorite websites


分类:编程 标签:无. 今天在群里看到这样一道空瓶换汽水的题,引起了大家的讨论: 说实话,当我看到这题时,我第一个想到的解法是极限。 假设每次都能整除,那么这题实际上相当于一个等比数列求和:第一次能喝的汽水数量是1000,公比是1/3,因此结果就是(1000 - 1000 * (

win7隐藏小功能——屏幕录制 | 关于互联网


Why Google Went Offline Today and a Bit about How the Internet Works - C...

November 6, 2012. Today, Google's services experienced a limited outage for about 27 minutes over some portions of the Internet. The reason


金蝶后台强大支持,速度快,省流量,快递查询第一选择! 1.支持EMS、顺风、申通、圆通、韵达、中通、宅急送、天天等近70家主流快递公司的快递查询。常用主流快递公司带星标靠前排列,其他快递公司字母标志排列,方便获取。 2.支持查询历史记录保存管理,一按重新查询,省去重复输入的辛苦。