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IT Consultant - Technology Enthusiast Hardware to Software
IT Consultant - Technology Enthusiast Hardware to Software

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Firewalls show hundreds and even thousands of denied connection attempts using https/UDP protocol from Google Chrome over port 443. 
I'm not having any luck finding the app or the settings to disable this. 
Fills up firewall logs a bit more than I would like. 
If you know the answer, feel free to clue me in on it. 
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Gearing up to help with migrations Windows Servers. 
You don't have to replace your ASP Classic internal and external sites. 
You can also start running new code with old as long as you keep your security focus on target. 
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I have no words for what just happened. But the article does.
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I must have missed this sale. 
Seems to me the scripts on submit would red flag this order but then again...
Enjoy this little video on Extreme Coupon Shopping.
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Picking on MySmallCloud.Com via my Google Analytics...
I'll show you in Episode 2.3 of G.O.T. (Grumpy Old Tech), It's not nice to play nasty in the SEO world. 
Why you say?
Because there is always someone much better than you. 
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SQL Injection Scripts, Fun for the Programmers not so for the Kiddies.
Works with my Favorite Old VB Style ASP Classic code as well as that other stuff.... to include PhP if you know how to read pHp code and ASP. 
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According to the UofMich ( Computer Research Scanner disclaimer their computer labs do not aggressively scan IP blocks. It goes on to say it's more of a random scan process checking for known issues with known ports and protocols.

For me it seems they are offering me FREE PCI scans with an average of 160 scans per day topping out with all their affiliate Research Scanners of over 1,000 scans in a 24 hour period.

I feel very lucky not to be invoiced for all these security scans.
I'm also very glad they are looking out for XtremeComputer.Com and MySmallCloud.Com. You never know, those article sites could leak serious personal information... Like maybe my Name, picture, email address and heaven help us all they discover I'm on a Cox Business network.

Lucky for me I setup my Watchguard XTM 5 years ago following the Federal Regulations .Gov and NIST guidelines. Every Bit is saved recorded and reported. That's why with a single Click I can see every scan from my favorite Researcher groups.

Only thing is I have to build filters and Blocks for their CIDR, you know it's  fun playing with you all but my real monitoring was a different group. So sick of Sales Calls from Research Scans.

I'm programming up a "OPT-OUT" of UofMich ( scans. The ohters pay for their bandwidth and I'm sure it costs more than mine so Scan On suckers!

Here's my list of blocked network blocks for abuse according to my network policies. - - - - - - - - - - - Rapid7 - 

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A website with dead people.. "Internet Creepy". 

Account Deletion
If you don't want a Facebook account after you pass away, you can request to have your account permanently deleted.

I can hear the game show host over my computer speakers now. 

... I'll take "Creepy Public Companies"

For $100.
Question: "After your death, your Cyber Soul Profile will be presented to the living by which Internet corporation?"

For $500.
Question: "This Internet corporation is betting on Zombies to revitalize it's investment stocks by adding "UnDead" memberships to it's already high Living and fast growing Dead member totals.
The Undead (Zombies) membership growth is expected to lure global investors. It was leaked, "With new found capital, our corporate researchers will continued their search for brains." This comes at a time when having an active brain for membership became an option. "
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The Corporate world isn't asking the question the IT world has an answer for.

Take the first step is always the hardest but once you stop using companies that sub-contract IT to sub-contractors that are not even close to being qualified you'll be making headway. 

Just because someone in the corporate office passed the certification test doesn't mean the everyone in the chain is qualified. 
I have seen those with full certification cross more wires in real-time than a 1st year computer 101 student. 

Do you remember reading the levels of hackers?
(If not, search it on my site.)

Once you pin on the wall the order of things you'll be able to work better on the solutions.
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It did spot a few things that I overlooked in my Web.Config settings. 
It also help debut a slow moving SQL app. 
Nice work, took a page from 900ms to 270ms with just one suggestion.
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