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The brave sons of soil guarding the territorial integrity of this land of pure at world's highest war zone. These men never fear the stinging cold difficult most terrain , extreme weather inclemencies besides guarding the frontiers. Their duty is above and prior to their life.
Siachen Soldiers of Pakistan Army
We Salute You.

Kharay hain sarhad e Emaan pe K-2 ki tarha
Dast e Kuffar se siachin ko bchany k liye
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Long live PAKISTAN the land of PURE and long live PAK ARMY
You need more purity, though. Keep striving. Pakistan Paindabutt.
"Army of the Pure". Now, where have I heard that phrase before? Hmmm...
As long as there are people of this mind there can never be love and shame......we need to move forward for the sake of humanity and future of our children
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