xine-lib 1.2.4 is out…!

• Some VAAPI plugin fixes (build, image size changes).
• ffmpeg multi-channel playback fixes:
  – Handle channel configuration changes sooner.
  – Generic layout if none provided; follow user changes.
  – Defer opening output if nothing to play.
  – Don't re-open with identical settings.
  – Don't use the bits-per-sample value (may not match decoder output).
• ffmpeg video fixes:
  – Default to square pixels, avoiding black bars & unnecessary scaling.
  – Avoid CODEC_FLAG_EMU_EDGE (and some possible segfaults).
• OpenGL2 output: don't render into invalid drawable.
• Fix a possible xine_play() hang related to display locking.
• FLV demuxer rewrite:
  – Improved metadata parsing.
  – PTS/DTS fixes.
  – Large file support on 32-bit.
  – Much improved seeking.
  – Much optimisation.
  – More codecs supported.
• audio_out speed control fixes.
• Optimised RGB→YUY2 conversion.
• Avoid a possible performance penalty where AVX-optimised memcpy is used.
• Add BD-J (BluRay Java) support with ARGB overlay capable video drivers (opengl2, vaapi, vdpau)
• Add support for theora 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 pixel formats

Get it while it's, er… fresh?
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Just pulled the code and built, and there is an issue...  It seems that if multiple audio channels exist, it makes audio channel 1 = 0, and loses audio channel 0.  Was not an issue with xine-lib 1.2.3.  I'm looking to see if I can find where / what is making this happen.

Edit: Make that, audio when multiple audio channel's exist is just off.  It seems incapable of switching audio tracks, so whatever track it selects at startup, which seems a bit random between video files, but always the same for the same video file, that is the only one it will process.
I'd probably start by pulling commit 16e7014e7369 to bits. (Really, that one should have been a series of commits…)
Guess my point was... the 'release'.. seems broken atm
Is there any way to post a bug report on this?? or does anyone care?
I filed this bug:

with debug run output, etc.  Audio Channel means menu->Audio->Channel (called track in other apps).

reproducing for me not that hard, I just take any m4v with multiple audio channels/tracks and try to change which channel / track is playing. it plays fine if there is only one channel/track

Happy to discuss here, bugzilla, or wherever... just don't want to push an updated slackbuild for xine with this issue present.
And this has nothing to do with 'incorrect language', etc... it's an m4v file with multiple audio channels/tracks... ugh... tempted after reading that thread to say never mind and forget keeping xine up to date.
I'm forwarding that bug report to xine-devel. It should have appeared in the xine-bugs list, but mail from is currently semi-broken (things have been set in motion to fix this).
Wow, I just on a whim tried out the latest xine-lib, 1.2.5 and found this issue resolved.  Xine now properly shows and switches audio streams :D

I went to update the issue in the bug tracker.. but found it down again, lol.
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