xine-lib 1.2.4 is out…!

• Some VAAPI plugin fixes (build, image size changes).
• ffmpeg multi-channel playback fixes:
  – Handle channel configuration changes sooner.
  – Generic layout if none provided; follow user changes.
  – Defer opening output if nothing to play.
  – Don't re-open with identical settings.
  – Don't use the bits-per-sample value (may not match decoder output).
• ffmpeg video fixes:
  – Default to square pixels, avoiding black bars & unnecessary scaling.
  – Avoid CODEC_FLAG_EMU_EDGE (and some possible segfaults).
• OpenGL2 output: don't render into invalid drawable.
• Fix a possible xine_play() hang related to display locking.
• FLV demuxer rewrite:
  – Improved metadata parsing.
  – PTS/DTS fixes.
  – Large file support on 32-bit.
  – Much improved seeking.
  – Much optimisation.
  – More codecs supported.
• audio_out speed control fixes.
• Optimised RGB→YUY2 conversion.
• Avoid a possible performance penalty where AVX-optimised memcpy is used.
• Add BD-J (BluRay Java) support with ARGB overlay capable video drivers (opengl2, vaapi, vdpau)
• Add support for theora 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 pixel formats

Get it while it's, er… fresh?
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