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Deep-Learning Machine Listens to Bach, Then Writes Its Own Music in the Same Style

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Tensor Processing Units (TPUs)
I'm very excited that we can finally discuss this in public. Today at Google I/O +Sundar Pichai revealed the TPU (Tensor Processing Unit), a custom ASIC that Google has designed and built specifically for machine learning applications. We've had TPUs deployed in Google datacenters for more than a year, and they are an order of magnitude faster and more power efficient per operation than other computational solutions for the kinds of models we are deploying to improve our products. This computational speed allows us to use larger, more powerful machine learned models, expressed and seemlessly deployed using TensorFlow ( into our products, and to deliver the excellent results from those models in less time.

TPUs are used on every Google Search to power RankBrain (, they were a key secret ingredient in the recent AlphaGo match against Lee Sedol, they are used for speech and image recognition, and they are powering a growing list of other smart products and features.

+Norm Jouppi and the rest of the team that developed this ASIC did a fabulous job, and it's great to see it discussed in public!

Blog post:

Link to the part of the keynote where Sundar discusses TPUs:

WSJ article:

Edit: Added a link and some text.

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Twitter experimentation: technical overview

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Anti spam
Good job, GMail.

2,400+ emails of spam in the last six days, and only two of them were real kernel mailing list emails. And even those two were noisy enough that I can kind of see why gmail would have decided they look like spam.

Since pretty much all my work is email-oriented, and the merge window is stressful and busy enough without that kind of crap, I really appreciate it when the spam filter works well.

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Our datacenters are already among the most efficient in the world but we recently got another 15% improvement through machine learning. The article has a detailed explanation but the graph visualizes the impact very well: previously a datacenter ran at many different operating points (blue dots) but the new system can automatically advise our crew how to ideally configure the cooling system every day, leading to much more precise operation (green dots).

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Check out this playlist on YouTube:

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Perseid Meteor Shower 2014

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Vision Correcting Displays

Researchers at the +MIT Media Lab and UC Berkeley have developed a new display technology that automatically corrects for vision defects with a personalized transparency that clips on your existing device. 

The transparency, an array of pinholes that modifies what the display shows the observer, combined with algorithms that defocus the original display image, allows the system to project slightly different images to different parts of the viewer’s pupil.

To learn more, read the MIT News article at, and watch the video below.

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Loosely for all
Don't want to end-up like that AGAIN, may be SOLID design principles and Law of Demeter can help you. #programming

#Java   #programming  

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Everyone can play
You could learn an instrument just by wearing this glove! This new wearable computer teaches piano using vibrations to create muscle memory.
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