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Xeno Müller
Elite Rowing Coach, Brown University Graduate, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist
Elite Rowing Coach, Brown University Graduate, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist

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Some rowers use heart rate monitors. Those who do a are a step closer to reaching their full potential. I just recorded a presentation to rowers who are signed up for my Elite Coaching. Thanks to the Elite Coaching that I received, I avoided overtraining by monitoring my heart rate. Smart training helped me get recruited to Brown University, participate at three Olympics and win Olympic gold and silver in the single scull. There are tools available to optimize training, one of which is the heart rate monitor. Rowers who get my coaching learn about physiology and competitive psychology, and how to use their heart rate information to make the right training decisions on a daily basis.

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This electric car is the first zero-emissions vehicle to finish the Dakar Rally

The Acciona 100% EcoPowered rally car powered its way to the finish of the world's toughest motor event without burning a drop of fuel and with no tailpipe emissions.

Built entirely in Spain, the home of Acciona (which is a leading Spanish renewable energy and infrastructure firm), the EcoPowered rally car is said to be "the most powerful electric car in the world" thanks to a 250 kW electric motor capable of producing 340 horsepower, coupled with six "ultra-fast charging" lithium battery packs with a 150 kWh capacity, and an onboard 100 W solar panel. With that battery and motor combo, the vehicle can run for about 200 kilometers "in race conditions," with a 60 minute charge time to 'refuel' the batteries.


You are a club high school rower, does this sound familiar:

Surprise 2K
Surprise 6k
Rowing is a mental sport
Train harder to get tougher mentally
The harder you train the faster you will be
Show some commitment (even though you show up every day, yet your commitment is being questioned.)
8X500 meter
It is not the rigging, it is you.
Nobody touch the damper setting
Anything higher than drag 125 and you will get injured
Put the feet as low as possible for maximum forward body angle.
Drink chocolate milk
Drink muscle milk
Inhale on the recovery
The best erg scores make the boat
Seat racing by 8s

If you have more, add it in the comment section :-)

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Getting recruited to college is a life changing experience. It was for me when I was recruited to Brown University. I have my Elite Rowing Coaches to thank.

Watch the presentation on how it is possible to drop 10 seconds in 30 days on the erg.

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Ergs don't float, but they get your recruited to college.
Thanks to my Elite Coaches I was recruited to Brown University. It is a life changing experience. I had the top erg score of all US collegiate recruits. If you are a passionate rower, you owe it to yourself to find out what Elite Coaching can do for you! Xeno

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If you are passionate about rowing and want to be recruited to a college of your dreams, this post is for you.

I was recruited to Brown University. Rowing for Brown was a life changing experience. I have my Elite Coaching to thank.

Our crew stayed undefeated and I went on to win Olympic gold and silver.

This summer I am running a three week conditioning camp here in Orange County California. The goal is to improve erg performance for recruiting submission.

You can follow the link for more information on call/text me at 1-949-400-7630

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We have a promotion for our 2017 Conditioning Camp.

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To this day, the fastest last 500M in the single scull is 1:36.56, 1996 Olympic final.

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Getting recruited to Brown University was a life changing experience. I have my elite coaches to thank for this amazing opportunity.

At Brown, we stayed undefeated and as a single sculler I won Olympic gold and silver.

Today, my job is elite coaching. I tutor high school rowers achieve their rowing goals of getting recruited to a college of their dreams.

You can find information on my website: and by calling or texting me at: 949-400-7630

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Getting recruited to a college rowing program is a life changing experience.
Reach your recruiting potential with Elite Coaching @ or call/text to 1-949-400-7630
Here is Matthew's story:
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