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Xe Sands
Audiobook narrator, voice and visual artist who moonlights as a parent and wife
Audiobook narrator, voice and visual artist who moonlights as a parent and wife


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Amusing book trailer for project I thoroughly enjoyed narrating - OBJECTS OF MY AFFECTION, which released yesterday. I think I love Jill Smolinski a little now...except that she didn't save me any cake...

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THE SILENCE OF TREES by Valya Dudycz Lupescu, remains one of the most moving books I've read, and one of my very favorite narration projects. So when a listeners is as moved as I was when I read it, it is especially gratifying. First Susie Sharp, and now Lucy/@papercuts1 have fallen under the spell of this magical story - and I couldn't be happier :)

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For those who haven't been following along with my friend Gabriela Denise Frank as she creates and takes the Hidden City Diaries journey, give it some consideration. Her writing is superb and her musings are always thought-provoking. Enjoy!

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Sneak Listen time again!
This time, for TIES THAT BIND by Marie Bostwick, narrated with Bahni Turpin for Blackstone Audio. Clips only feature my narration - sorry about that! If I find a clip of Bahni's wonderful "Phillippa Clarkson," I'll definitely post it. For now, enjoy a clip via my SoundCloud page, and one from Blackstone.

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"The Desire to Paint," from "Le Spleen de Paris," by Charles Baudelaire
Thursday is usually my day to get my GP piece together and ready to go for Friday.

On Wednesday, because I felt the full onslaught of Spring, I wanted something a bit sensual (no, not like THAT...more like "Seven Seals"). "No problem!" I thought...there's enough Lawrence and Neruda among many others to resolve this issue.


On Thursday, I woke up on the wrong side of Spring, my perspective completely colored by dissatisfaction (anyone with a teen girl at home knows exactly what mood I am evoking with these words). Nothing sounded good. The whole process was like trying on pants in front of a 3-way mirror under fluorescent lights. Feh.

So what's a girl to do when nothing feels good/tastes good/sounds good?

Well, enter the somewhat dark, prolific, slightly profane and oddly sensual Charles Baudelaire. This piece isn't particularly demonstrative of what I'm referring to...but if you look into his work a bit more, I think it becomes more apparent why I say that he leaves the taste of better-written Lovecraft in your mind. There's just something off about this guy...

...and "off" is the perfect solution to such a dissatisfied mood. It's like looking in that mirror and declaring, "Screw the pants - I'm buying a SKIRT, ya hear me?!"

So while that is likely far more information about my pants-purchasing torment than you ever wished to know, I do hope you enjoy the piece ;)

(Seriously, even a Google search of his visage will tell you this guy is haunted my his muse...look at them and THEN listen to this piece...)

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GOING PUBLIC 4.13.12 - "Oh-So-Real-Me," written by Lighty
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A friend just turned me onto and I am smitten - SMITTEN I tell you! As I cruise into midlife, i find my attention span is, er, a bit shorter than in years could almost say I'm as distractible as my ferrets. So microfiction is my version of nirvana, people.

Oh I love me some long books - truly I do! But there is something so tantalizing about these snippets. They can mean, well, anything you'd like them to mean. And for this piece in particular, I'm curious what it means to you, if you'd care to share.

And if you enjoy the story (read or written), consider commenting on the story's page. Definitely props an author up a bit to get some feedback from their efforts.

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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So very excited that Jennifer over at Literate Housewife review is hosting a listen-along of one of my very favorite projects, THE SILENCE OF TREES, by Valya Dudycz Lupescu.

For those wanting more information before committing, Iambik is offering all of Chapter 1 as a sample:

And the author took my live-tweets from the pre-read and created a storify presentation:

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What a wonderful post! Half of this (in concept - not writing ability of course!) I could have written about my own life. I think all artists feel this way...can we post this outside our studios?

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Thought-provoking post from Literate Housewife...and a great listener-created list going!

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"The Burned Letter," by Aleksandr Pushkin

Earlier this week, as a distraction, I asked the Twitterverse to challenge me with poets - and I would then find and tweet one of their poems. Several folks joined in the fun and I made some nifty poet discoveries (the beauty of Twitter, my friends!). One of those discoveries was Russian poet extraordinaire, Aleksandr Pushkin.

Now here's the rub: I detest rhyming poetry. It's a flaw in my character, I know...but there you go. And as most of his poetry rhymes quite beautifully, this made choosing one of his a challenge. But this particular poem is more like the poet talking (raving?) to himself...and only one rhyme really slips in noticed. I decided to be the bigger person and go with it.

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