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Xavier Hallade
Software Engineer at Intel, Google Developer Expert for Android
Software Engineer at Intel, Google Developer Expert for Android

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Accelerate your deployment time when working with an Android 5.1 device/emulator:

ART is awesome, but the AOT (ahead-of-time) compilation step can be quite long, taking 5, 10 or even more seconds. 
Which is usually a waste on time when you're developing.

The good news is now, with Android 5.1,
vmSafeMode which was used with Dalvik to deactive JIT compilation, now actually deactivates the AOT one with ART, so you can fallback to an interpreted mode. [0]

Set this property in your debug builds by adding <application android:vmSafeMode="true"/> inside src/debug/AndroidManifest.xml and the dex2oat step will suddenly be a lot faster. :)


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Meet Q Founder, engineered with +Intel Innovation and powered by Android Wear, the newest addition to our connected accessories line. Q Founder tracks your activity, alerts you of notifications and has customizable digital watch faces that are sure to fit your style. Curious for more?

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It's just perfect.

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The slides from my #DroidConUK15  presentation is now uploaded. Thanks all for showing up and for all the great questions. Please come see me if you have more questions or want to chat about offline behaviour in #android  apps.

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#droidconUK15  was a blast! Thanks to everyone who was part of it.
You can find the slides for my talk on Power optimization for Android apps on slideshare.

Don't forget to profile your apps :)

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Coming to +droidcon London this week? Have your app reviewed by our panel of experts at the App Clinic!

Preregister here to secure a slot, or just show up in the design area. More info here:

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The slides of the talk I held this morning at #dfua  about using the NDK with Android Studio are now on slideshare. 

The recording should be available one day and for more background information, you can already look at samples that are using the new gradle-experimental plugin ( and my blogpost (

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We're organizing a session of coding and hands-on with Android TV devices.
If you've got the chance to be in Paris on November 3rd, join us there in Google offices for the afternoon!

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Countdown begins for the first Swiss luxury Android Wear watch!+TAG Heuer Connected I can't wait to show you what we have been working on!


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The NDK integration in Android Studio is getting more and more usable... If you're ready to use experimental and alpha versions :)

If you've got some C/C++ code integrated in your projects, you should at least have a look at the gradle-experimental:0.3.0-alpha3 plugin that has recently been released.

Here is my latest article to help you getting started while avoiding some pitfalls: 

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