+Jake Wharton: When can we get ActionBarSherlock as an aar in MavenCentral?
The #android plugin for #gradle has been updated to version 0.4.2 with the following changes:

- Fixed incremental support for resource merging.
- Fixed issue where all pngs would be processed in parallel with no limit on the number of thread used, leading to failure to run aapt.
- Fixed ignoreAsset support in aaptOptions
- Added more logging on failure to merge manifests.
- Added flavor names to the TestServer API.

Additionally we have released 2 new SDK components: Android Support Repository, and Google Repository. These components are Maven repositories and the Gradle plugin automatically add them to your list of repositories. They gives you access to the following artifacts:




Using these artifacts in your build will greatly reduce problems, particularly when you have more than one Library Project that needs support-v4. Gradle will automatically detect similar artifacts and select only one (detecting version conflicts if they exists).

We have updated the Play Services samples to use Gradle and these artifacts. They are available here: http://tools.android.com/tech-docs/new-build-system/gpsdemos.zip

Make sure to download these two repositories through the Android SDK Manager.
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