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emacs: wrote my own html-mode. YAY!
(1 hour job)

also, massive surgery on my key system in emacs.
(5 hours spent, + past decade thinking and experimenting on this)

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I started to work with a little of HTML in emacs, but I can see that the default mode is not what I expected, if you know a good mode out there or yours, I found one called html-helper and nxhtml but I haven't tested yet, first I want to know your opinion. Thanks :).
+Manuel Lara
have used html-helper several years ago. Like html-mode better (for me, it's pure html, no php, js mixed). few years ago i tried nxhtml, never had good experience with it. Many love it.

see also:

The only feature i use in html-mode these days is syntax coloring and {sgml-skip-tag-forward, sgml-skip-tag-backward, sgml-delete-tag}. Tag insertion, entities, making links, image links, etc, i use my own elisp commands written over the years. So that's why i want to start my own mode. Right now it isn't usable to others.
Thanks for the information. Yes I follow +ErgoEmacs , but I saw this post first :P, I'm going to check there too.
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