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if you have infrared eyesight, what would you see?
wait, let's rephrase. What would a person tells us, if he had worn infrared goggles all the time for a month? 

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Infrared eyesight would make everything look spooky and surreal! It'd be cool for a lil bit but rather depressing in the long run...
Xah Lee
+Frank Hale he'd see animals and other creatures at night that we don't normally see, right?
am wondering what's the long-term benefit, in additional to normal eyesight, in normal city living in modern society.
Not sure, it'd be interesting for sure to see at least for a little while.
Changes in blood flow to the face might help understanding facial expressions. 
Xah Lee
+Jay Dugger good point. That probably means much easier to detect lies and other emotional change.
+Xah Lee Yeah, and faulty machinery that runs hot--which I've actually done, after that fact. 

"Yup, the thermograph shows everything around the shorted copper mains is hot! The smoke didn't lie."
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