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been playing bejeweled for like 12 hours yesterday and today.

i don't know how people do it, but i just couldn't figure it out. Normally, my score is 20k or so. One out of 20 games maybe 50k. (currently best score of 155k, but that's once in some hundred games)

i see in my circles top score being 170k and 320k, and i think that's like their normal score. Looking at youtube
Bejeweled Blitz 878,550 Points 'Elite Technique' Legit No Boosts Facebook

that's 878k score. Jesus.

on the other hand, been playing Diamond Dash for the past week. That one i easily mastered. Currently got top score at 358k and is the weekly champion.

Diamond Dash is fun but rather brainless. The key to score high is simply speed. That's pretty much all.

Bejeweled is a bit complex. As far as i know currently, half of it is speed, but the other half is making optimal moves. (you need to keep getting the multiplier jewels, and for that to happen, you need to get power jewels, and for that to happen you need to align 4 or more jewels in one shot)

i've read some tips online. The key to score high are of 2 things: get the multiplier, and make each move in fraction of a second.

this seem incredible task. For each move, if there's no time limit, i could spend several minutes. (the whole game ends in 1 minute) I find it impossible to find the optimal move at the required speed.

I am guessing, that bejewel experts are not persons with machine-like lighting speed analytic mind. But rather, the mind naturally picks up patterns for optimal move, after repeated exposure. (e.g. thousands of games) I think, similar to the board game wei-chi (surround chess).

am writing this cuz am pissed i wasn't able to raise my playing skill even after 2 days continuous play.

any bejeweled player here? advise?

perm url with updates
〈Bejeweled Blitz Strategy as Math〉
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We're on the same boat..
That's why I invest most of my energy in getting the Bubble Bobble Gold crown..
Tx for sharing your notes..
Will gladly contribute if I ever get any good at the game..
The very best way is to save up all your points until you reach a million no matter how tempting it is unless there is a bonus multiplier week and have at least 250k. Use the three extra bonus plays with the Cube, multiplier and extra time. After I figured out this I have been over 400k many many times, 11 times over 500k and once over 700k. You must act fast since over half the points are based on your speed of switching the gems on the screen.
Xah Lee
+Samuel Lenard am still newbish. What you mean by points? is that those medal things? Am not sure what they are. What can i do with them? Thanks.

PS i think i get it. Points are score points... but still have little idea what you mean...
Li Chow
Feeling insecure and no privacy at fb.Looking for challenge in Bejeweled blitz. Please add me and thank you.
Billions??? I was lucky to win twice six months ago and haven't won since. If I had unlimited points or 'coins' I would be hitting over 500k daily. Unfortunately I didn't figure out the strategy until recently. Points refers to coins.
Xah Lee
+Just Julie +Samuel Lenard thanks. Now i got it. Though, using the coins to buy special gems seems like cheating, especially so because it can be bought with real money.

i haven't played this on fb before, but did this week. They added this phoenix gem and other gem as you mentioned, that can be only bought with real money. It seems they market it aggressively to make money. Kinda disappointing because it spoils the meaning of score.
Just joined Google+ and not sure how to find other game players to add to my games circle. So far playing Bejeweled Blitz & Angry Birds. Please add me to your circle. Thank you very much.
Hi +Lisa White, I just found now how to find other game players to a specific game, type the name of the game you want to find players on the top search field.

For example:

To find another bejeweled players, I typed "Bejeweled" and it displays a lot of game users for it.

Give a try!
Xah Lee
+Kleber Shimabuku great tip. I wish there's a way to compete with people who are not in my circle though. It seems, currently one has to add each person to have them in the list of ranks.
without the cheating parts of the triple buy in plays and Eagle, a pro can at times fall below 50k frequently, the doubleer hits at random without the extra boosts.
Points refers to the score of points that you either buy or receive during
the 'lottery' spin where you can win up to 1,000,000 points. I won it twice
but not anytime recently on facebook, nearly impossible to hit unless there
is a glitch. 150k points go fast since the Eagle is priced at 75k points and
the extra three you can buy to increase your changes cost around 15k points
for three plays. Staying above 200k points is the best and will take weeks
to build. I consider newbies for anyone who can't score a constant score
over 75k. One you get the idea the multiplier is the KEY to playing and the
extra plays for buy ins are crucial to play with. For instance an extra five
seconds with a 5, 6 or 7 multiplier score game can mean the difference
between a standard 150k game or a 500k, the last few seconds rack up the
most points. The times you create an electric play zapping points is another
key part or else the cube hits all of a specific color eliminating the last
color you touched. Once you get the hang of it, plays over 200k become
second nature and easy. It is essential to score constant high games by only
using your points you earn or buy by saving up and waiting for the free
multiplier days and a bit more.
Thank you, Kleber. I will do that. I appreciate your help!
+Xah Lee mathematical details (and potential miscalculations) aside, there is roughly a double chance of making extra matches (this was calculated only for triplets) if we make a horizontal triplet at the 8th row vs a vertical triplet on the 6to8 rows..

Very Rough relative figures are as follows:
x=chance of an extra triplet

Row1: Ver=3x; Hor=2x
Row2: Ver=4x; Hor=4x
Row3: Ver=5x; Hor=6x
Row4: Ver=6x; Hor=8x
Row5: Ver=7x; Hor=10x
Row6: Ver=8x; Hor=12x
Row7: Ver=8x; Hor=14x
Row8: Ver=8x; Hor=16x
Just nailed 1,485,570.00 No hacks...just over an hour.
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