syntax design. random thoughts.

in xml, it's nested syntax. there's a competing syntax from lisp.

the lispers claim their syntax is simpler and superior. I kinda went alone (i guess because Mathematica is like that too), but haven't really put thought on it. (it's subconscious doing!)

there's one major problem with the lisp way. If there's a missing closing bracket, it's impossible to fix, because the closing bracket contains on info whatsoever on which opening bracket it is paired with. With xml, it does, usually (unless all your elements are the same elements. ⁖ <p><p><p></p></p></p>)

so, this is actually a problem. In practice, missing a bracket do happen. Even if you are always careful.

so, sad, i think i'll have to admit the lisp way isn't superior.

but can we fix it? and still keep simple?

one way, is to allow multiple type of brackets. ⁖
 and there's more.
this way, things are still simple, and do fix the flaw above.
Also, user can simply use one type of bracket, and press a button, and the editor will change them to cycle among different type of brackets. So, this way, as far as fix missing bracket goes, it's even more robust than xml.

humm… so far i think this is a solution.

〈HTML6: Your JSON and SXML Simplified〉

am thinking this because am curring writing a delete-tag command
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