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the difference between men and women (attractive women).
It's normal and socially accepted for young female to bite a cable.
it's not normal for others to do so, unless you are a toddler.

what's with biting a cable? it lies in body language, and the payload is sexual signal.

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Don't we need to drink sake when eating japanese ? Or at least a japanese beer (^○^)
This looks like a similarity to me. Both sexes try and fail to eat consumer electronics.
Note: personally, I prefer eating books.

("I've read books. Well, chewed books." -- Gaspode the Wonder Dog)
Right, it's acceptable for young, attractive women to bite... things...
Hey when Reuben was a puppy he chewed wires/cables exclusively. In particular, he seemed to especially enjoy the ones so expensive as to be defacto irreplaceable. Like, fast/wide SCSI differential 2m or such. This girl seems to gave her nibbling under much more modest fare. My advice? Walk her three times a day and in a little while she'll grow out of it.
Thanks for the lesson
btw... biting a cable is a sexual signal?! Not unless women routinely mate with lianas it's not. Everyone, male and female, in this collage just looks silly.
+Nick Alcock I was under the impression that the first photo of the young girl is the butt of the joke.  The rest are just pointing out how ridiculous she looks.
Ah. I was assuming she knew that, but perhaps I was misreading (as so often).
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