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+Kurt Schwehr 

hi Kurt, was reading your blog

would you recommend 3 to 5 Python module? Your favorite, or critical to you, any criterions. if you have time. Thanks!
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Hi Xah, That's a great question that is likely going to get very different answers from different people.  First, my list that is less specific to my fields of work... general:  ipython, cython, argparse, virtualenv, distribute.  I have never gotten into cython myself, but the resulting APIs that use it are definitely very good.

Now the list that includes stuff related to my work topics:  matplotlib, scipy/numpy, lxml, pandas, shapely, and gdal (not my favorite python API design, but the functionality is critical).

And finally a list of packages are amazing (and amazingly daunting)... django, twisted
Xah Lee
+Kurt Schwehr super. Very expert recommendations.

do you mind if i blog it with links to all the packages?
np.  feel free to use it how ever you like.
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