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apparently, the best way to match images is to check the color map. This is my guess from seeing the behavior of Google's Image search. When you search a image that's rare or not on the web, you get results that's just images of similar color map.

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Xah Lee
+Jürgen Christoffel i haven't used it since Google got image search. But am not sure tineye would do better. Is it better?
It's different +Xah Lee, it will find original images even if someone pasted text over it (e.g. Youtube images for audio clips) or if you only have a partial image. SoTineye is better if you're searching for the original, while Google is better if you're looking for similar images. 
Xah Lee
+Jürgen Christoffel great info. Usually i use image search to find original. Will try tineye from now on. Thanks.
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