Operation Slim Burst
Date: March 04, 2017
Time Taken: 1 Hour
Total Links: 258 Links
Status: Success

After successfully sending #shard71 to its target portal. Our agents decided to execute Operation Slim Burst to build our spirit and to celebrate our success.
We have been planning to do a starburst sometime back and this time seems to the best time we could get to do this, our agent @rafsh had already helped us by farming keys for this starburst. And plus luckily there was a field above male’ which gives us the upper hand in clearing the links and capturing the portals prior to the set time. So we made a quick plan that agent @MrY2 kill the field as soon as our agents are ready at the allocated area and then to do the starburst as fast as possible. Hence, we proceeded as planned.

Agents Participated
· @wildmisty
· @Malekith21
· @Puchus
· @Aleaf
· @Rishy0610
· @BlazeMV
· @Skullsoldiers
· @Inferius007
· @rafsh
· @Confirm007
· @MrY2
· @DavidClark
· @XAccess
· @Pareyz
· @Phinch
· @iffaam
· @XaAn17
#Ingress #enlightened #Maldives #ENLMV #sitrep +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Ingress

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