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Wrangling Your Week: Time Management Success Techniques That Will Give You Hope.

It's painfully true that there are never enough hours in the day. If "normal humans" are having this kind of trouble, how are CEOs and leaders of major businesses able to run the massive scale of their days? As long as you consider that they haven't discovered time travel, there's got to be some tips and tricks that can be learned from their #exceptional #talents.

These #time #management #success stories will give you hope that you can wrangle your week more effectively. You might be surprised to learn that many of these individuals found adequate time for #sleep and budgeting part of their day for #meditation or downtime.

Leave Time for #Relaxation

Most famous for his theory of #evolution in his book "The Origin of Species" (1859), Charles Darwin spent a great deal of his day in solitary study. His schedule also included walking his fox terrier pup and reading. Most interesting was the two hours each day that he devoted to lying awake in bed solving problems before starting his day. Victor Hugo, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Charles Dickens also devoted many hours a day to walking and personal study. Today, Arianna Huffington is one of the business leaders who believe that spending time with colleagues or eating lunch away from your desk makes you more productive -- not less.

Focus on Calendar Management

Focusing only on what is most important each day is one of the time management tricks that Mary Callahan Erdoes, CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., swears by. Her busy day is most #productive when she spends time prioritizing short- and long-term deliverables instead of reacting to new items that make it to her calendar by happenstance.

Sleep Soundly, Wake Early

People who are making an impact in their world are likely getting enough #rest to be #refreshed and ready to face their day, but those days often start quite early. Getting less than six hours of #sleep on a regular basis can leave you mentally drained or fuzzy and make you less likely to be efficient in your work. The early morning hours are ideal for a quick #workout, which not only helps the body stay fit but helps boost your #brainpower for the day as well. Billionaire Richard Branson is famous for his 5:00 am ritual to kick off his busy day.

Stop the Multitasking

Sure, we all love to pretend that we're getting three things done at once, but is anything being accomplished in these sprints? #Successful professionals know when it's time to turn off the electronics and stick to one task at a time. Koel Thomae, co-founder of Noosa Yoghurt, notes how easy it is to be distracted by your inbox and your phone. Add in some music and you're ready to take on the world!

Just Say "No"

"No," or "next" are some of the most #powerful #words in the English language -- allowing people to free their time from mundane activities and target those which are moving them forward. There may be some tasks that feel like busywork, so delegate these whenever possible. Turn your attention only to items where you add personal and #unique #value, and you'll soon find that it's possible to be present in your day while experiencing less stress. This can include everything from hiring people who #complement your #skills and #abilities (a famous Jack Welch-ism) to outsourcing tasks when it makes sense.

Not everyone is running an empire, finding the cure for cancer, or creating the next great musical masterpiece. However, we are all struggling with a limited number of hours in the day. There is a great deal of hope and comfort in knowing that these basic time management #techniques have been practiced for generations -- and are still helping some of the most successful people of our age be productive.
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5 Super Simple Ways You Can Set Goals for Results

Want to make drastic changes? Weary from the inability to follow through on you goals?

Distractions sometimes get in the way and we lose focus, then #motivation tends to go out the window. This is a #struggle many people can relate to. If we don't plan things out, everyday distractions and interruptions will plan it for us.
The first step should be to know and #appreciate what the bigger #picture is. #Learn some #simple #techniques (as described below) to keep yourself #focused so that when those distractions happen, you have a compass that will help point you in the right direction and put you back on track. Set #goals for real #results then make it #happen! Make sure that your goals are;

1. Clearly identified and #meaningful to you, and you only. No fuzziness. You have to know what you #want, and the end-result.

2. #Result #oriented. Think of one small goal per week that you can #attain toward the larger #goal. Breaking it into smaller parts makes it #Super #easy and less overwhelming. It will keep you from lack of focus and distractions.

3. #Obtainable and measurable. What will be some markers along the way that will tell you, "I'm on track?"

4. Tied to a larger #life, or #personal #vision. Consider this, what is your long-term vision? More time at #home with the #kids? Less stress? More #financial #freedom? Knowing “Why” you are #working so #hard for something can #motivate you to push through when you feel overwhelmed.

5. #Posted and #measured. #Graph (Goal) charts are great for this, we can #print these #custom charts in house and they are laminated for use with a Wet Erase Marker. When you are able to see these charts you are reminded of your goals and hold yourself #accountable.

Other things to do which will help you achieve all of this include;
1. Setting #reminders, and #prioritizing them toward the beginning of the day so you can get to it first. We are quite fond of #Daily #Planners and print them for all of our #employees. Updating your charts and graphs should be one of the first things on your to do #list.

2. #Surround yourself with people you #love (a #support group) who can #encourage you and hold you accountable when needed....with your permission, of course. Sometimes you have to hear it from an outside #perspective in order to #believe it.

If you're taking this on for yourself, remember to do this: plan the #actions to #achieve your goals, and #perform them in a timely manner. That's when you'll see real results.
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X-igent Printing Inc.
Published by Ivan Samuel Cervantes · 2 mins ·
How do you make a #Good First #Impression?
First impressions matter. While future interactions can correct impressions or add information, the first impression sticks. When someone meets for the first time, they will remember if how you made them feel and if you meant their #expectations. #Memorable people often exceed expectation or sorely miss the mark. Our minds tend to remember lousy #experiences or #exceptional ones. In addition to remembering how they felt around someone new, people will remember what the saw. #Appearance can set the stage for a new relationship.
How you look is the first form of communication we use when meeting someone. Rightly or wrongly, how brains make assumptions based on appearance. While some assumptions related to appearances, such as age or gender, are out of our control, dressing in a way that presents our best self can go along way.

Today’s work world offers more flexible expectations related to dress. There’s no longer a specific uniform for an office environment. It’ possible to find clothing and accessories that help us communicate our personality while maintaining a professional appearance. Here are some tips for putting your best foot forward when meeting new people.

Dress appropriately for the setting. Each profession has expectations related to dress. Business casual, which includes slack and a button-down shirt or sweater, and also skirts and dresses for women, is a typical workplace uniform. Depending on the setting more formal or informal attire might be appropriate. If you are unsure about expectations, ask a colleague or a friend who can give you the scoop on dress expectations. If you don’t have access to good intel, dressing a bit more formal (short of a ball gown and tuxedo) is a safe choice. Also be aware of cultural expectations. Dressing more modestly may be more appropriate based on regional or other expectations.

Find clothes that make you feel comfortable. We live in a world where there is a great diversity of clothing options. It’s possible to dress appropriately and be comfortable. Wearing clothes that fit well and make you feel good will help you be more confident. If heels have never been your thing, find some flats or wedges that are professional. Wearing clothes that make us feel uncomfortable can impact our ability to make a positive impression. If we’re tugging at our clothes, or not able to stand and walk, people may remember us negatively.

Present a neat appearance. Clothing is not the only thing to think about when considering your appearance. Presenting with neat hair and nails, and good #hygiene is very #important too. Having a neat appearance doesn’t require spending money on manicures or fancy haircuts. As long as you have spent some time taking care of hygiene related issues, you should look presentable and approachable when meeting new people.
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#Content is #King!

#Learn the #importance of Content #Marketing for your #Business with these #savvy #strategies for #crafting #unforgettable content for all of your #media #platforms.

In an age of #visual #brilliance and short-lived attention spans, sometimes we wonder if content really counts. But where would #vibrant #graphics or #sensational #socialmedia #campaigns be without #dynamic copy? Nowhere! Like Batman without Robin, like brawn with no brains, hard copy is #fundamental to your #success.

So, how do you write content that #commands #attention? How do you write copy that moves a #reader and #compels them to #action? Read this #article and learn some #practical #strategies for writing #fun, #dynamic, and #memorable content.
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Getting a #promotion takes more than just doing your #job well. To move up the ladder to the next step if your #career, you have to prove to decision makers and #leadership that you are ready and deserving enough to take on more #responsibility. This takes consistently #working your best, staying #dedicated to your work, and much more.

If you’re sick of being passed up for promotions, check out these eight habits of employees that get promoted. Make small changes as necessary if you’re ready to take the next step in your career.
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Being #healthy, #eating healthy, working out is hard! to wake up early or get home from work and #workout is a choice. For those of you who #run...
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#Printed #Reminders Keep #Sales on #Track!

Remembering to go to the #doctor or dentist's office was much simpler back in the day when nearly everyone had a #printed #calendar. You would go home after a visit and immediately add your next visit to your calendar. The complexities of #life #today means that it can be tough to keep track of everything, even if you're putting follow-up visits in your #smartphone. The cost of a missed office visit can really add up over time, causing #professionals to lose thousands of #dollars per year. The tiny cost of creating a simple printed reminder that can be saved to your patients' fridge provides an extra touch point for busy individuals.

#Improved #Experiences

Improving the experience of patients in today's #competitive environment may mean the difference between a growing and robust practice and one that dwindles away over the years. One physician's office saw the benefits firsthand when Dr. Marcus L. decided to implement small printed reminders and a free calendar for his patients. As a family health practitioner, Dr. Marcus would often require follow-up visits with patients after their blood work was returned to review their results. Many patients would forget about this check-point, costing his staff time and money due to blank spots in their schedules with no billable time.

#Boosting #Revenue

Dr. Marcus was already working with a local #print #shop on some flyers for an upcoming health fair, When his #friend heard his woes #she recommended a short-term test of some printed reminder cards and a calendar, which his staff would mark the date on. What he discovered after that test period was quite surprising! His staff helped track the number of empty slots. He discovered that there were 25% fewer empty slots on his schedule due to the reminders!

Printed reminders and calendars help keep patients and staff on track with follow-up visits for #doctors, #dentists, #lawyers, #salons and many more professional offices. Think . . . the list is endless!
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5 #Daily #Tasks Every Small-Business #Owner Should Do to #Improve #Business Practices

1. #Communicate with #Clients.
2. Check #Industry #Trends.
3. #Plan for the #Future.
4. Assess #Finances.
5. #Organize and #Clean.
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A lot of people would #agree that you can only #perform as well as you #feel. With that in mind we #promote #healthy #eating and plenty of #exercise within our #organization, with our #staff and #friends by #sharing #articles such as this one, "Five steps to healthy eating at the office". Have a look at these simple tips and let us know what you think.
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Have you ever been in a situation where you've noticed a coworker was on edge or stressed out?

Many people have #experienced work-related #stress at some point during their #careers, and it’s not always for the worse. In fact, some level of stress is #important for both personal #growth and #performance at work. However there is a critical interplay between stress and #recovery which needs to be consciously #managed. Too much stress with too little recovery, or too much recovery with too little stress, can both #significantly #affect performance.
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