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Ladies and gents, we're excited to present XBMC for Android!
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OMG THIS IS AWESOME!! I would love remote functionality. XBMC on desktops should run as a service in the backgroud, so it can be called up. This is amazing. 
Oh Wonderful! Please let me introduce our open source devs at XDA via XDA-Developers TV to the beta ASAP! I'm sure you could use some Android hackers in this project.
Suddently, getting a google tv makes a lot more sence...
This is awesome news! I foresee a google tv in my future.
This sure would be a nice addition to a rooted Nexus Q.
XBMC is the shiz. So glad to see it going further and wider. You guys ROCK! 
are there future plans to have media synced from server side to client over wifi? 
What would be awesome if I can run XBMC on a Google TV but control it from a Tablet
+Renaud Lepage I have it but I don't like it.  What I want is the full XMBC interface but when I press play on my table the video plays on my TV but I can still browse my media while the video plays.

Also be able to play other videos on my tablet at the same time and send it to my television when I found the one I am looking for.  I am looking for the TV remote reinterpreted.
Now we are talking! This is going to put Android to the next level: PIRACY
+Nicholas Lewis You can do most of that stuff through bubbleupnp if you have upnp enabled on your xbmc setup. Its pretty slick. I can send images, videos, or music to or from xbmc/phone with it.
yes but this means we can now have XBMC on our tablets or 4.8" phone :D  cant wait to play with it... +Nicholas Lewis
All kinda of awesome. I will probably finally give up media center.
Rockin! I will wait patiently, this would be awesome for an MP3car project or just using on an airplane. Thanks XBMC team!
Awesome! Cant wait to run it on my g tab 2
I have been running XBMC on my iPad for a couple of weeks now and it performs flawlessly and looks just as good. I have the same expectations for the Android platform.

I currently stream it to my TV (AirPlay > ATV), but it would work just fine over at your friends house with a HDMI cable. Perfect for my on-the-go life. No more renting movies in the hotel or on the road.

And in case your wondering, some great addons such as 1Channel or Icefilms work like a charm too!

Truly glorious occasion for Android and just in time as I just acquired a Samsung Note!
+Brian Ferguson Welcome to the Android crowd. :) I share your expectations for XBMC on Android, but remember, it's brand new, and the blog post even notes that hardware acceleration is mostly NYI, so we'll probably have to be patient for a little while before it becomes as mature as the iOS version. Still, in classic open source RERO form, we get to try it while it's fresh! :D
Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!

can ppl stop plz!!!................ sighs
Has ur android been spying on u lately truth is they have all ur info
Was hoping to get my RaspberryPi soon but had to pass over my invite to order because money is so damn tight but I will be running this on something as soon as it hits XDA.  I am so on board to get a Nexus Q if I can run this and many other apps on it.  It will look even cooler than my lit up XPS M1730 on my media shelf :D
Now I need an ouya. This would be an awesome combination.
As an active novice Dev for both iOS and Android (among others) I completely understand. I expect that it will take time to mature.

I don't know how long XBMC has been running on iOS, but I did just learn of it recently. Honestly I missed out on XBMC because the first skin I seen scared me away for far to long favoring Boxee and some others.

I for 1 plan on helping the transition and development for XBMC (on & off Android) go as smoothly as possible. I can't wait to dig in!

I will chronicle my journey with XBMC, Android, and others on the (under construction) blog: Please don't judge as its my first blog and I haven't decided its direction.

Thank you XBMC devs for the port and keep up the wonderful job!

Jay Tee
Now I really can't wait to get my Ouya. I love XBMC on my HTPC. 
Plex has been on both iOS and android for some time now and the server runs in the back ground on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine. Plex is a port of xbmc that seems to be more polished and functional, and has channels I use that xbmc doesn't have.
this is epic! But +XBMC while your workin on android could you update the remote app? its a tad old :(
+Shane Mackey is raspberrypi a thumb drive size android computer? Their is a device called cotton candy by fxi that thumb drive size runs android and ubuntu. The full Xbmc part of the stock repositories on Ubuntu.
Yay, now I can throw out my PlayStation.
Look at the little soldier??!!!! PEP 
Look at the little soldier??!!!! PEP 
I highly recommend trying Plex It's media server transcodes and streams over the net, and the Plex app automatically finds your server.
does anyone have an APK link for us to download? cant really find it anywhere.
Keep It Simple Stupid Educated Dummies.....
Synapsis.....What the f'ing  'ell is it, and why should I care....
All that retoric....and I still have no idea what it is, or is suppose to do.....
android is a gift of modern technology 2 us:D
XBMC just got elevated to my 'circle of awesome' great work guys, I will be donating to the cause.
Damn. Didnt Think it would come to android. Now its finally interesting for google TV devices
Looking forward to trying xbmc on my revue.
Don't want to be ignorant, but what is XBMC?
Yay!!! Can't wait to have it!
It's really cute and awesome but can I ask what it is?
Yus Uf
Iki temenan ta rek ?
with XBMC, Android will dominate the living room!
Why does the remote require access to SMS and contacts? Seems like a red flag for a remote application.
Please support the Logitech revue =D
+Greg Copeland THe remote gives you the ability to forward your text messages to your TV, along with the contact picture. Mystery solved!
Looks really cool. But how does one use it? Sorry, I'm not up to speed on XBMC.
To erin moore - please don't swear, surely you can think of something to say that's constructive or at least intersting, thanx. Mo
+Adnan Ahmed it's a media front in for a computer allows you to navigate all your music and videos with a remote and not have to use a mouse and keyboard.
Excellent, the best media player now comes to Android.
Excellent! Welcome mentlegen!
Can anybody explain what does it do better than iMediaShare available on the market?
This is what I was waiting for to even consider buying a Nexus Q
Can some people follow me plz i am lonely
Just when I think XBMC couldn't get any better..., they do
Awsome! Up and running perfectly on a cm9 galaxy note, works great with a touch screen! Might get an ouya to replace the atom ion htpc now...
Well after 10 minutes of play i just have to say well done, everything i tried worked, downloaded a skin, played a movie, connected smb file shares of movies, some skins don't work that well with touch yet, nice new optional touch skin included as well as the original, this is fantastic for a first release! Portable pocket xbmc, wonder if i get one of those HDMI adapters for my note if that well work too?
Fantastic news.
I have installed it on my HTC Desire HD. Performance is good, it scanned my entire video library connected using smb. Sweeet.
Need a facelift of the remote app too......
Love how it handles SMB connectivity natively and effortlessly on my un-rooted Note. No other combination of SMB client/media player can stream directly without rooting. I had CIFS running on my Galaxy i9003 earlier but it was rooted. Keep up the great work! I like the Frodo look too! Can't wait to get that on my media centres at home.
Problems on Galaxy Nexus. I install pkg on my Samsung Nexus with 4.2 and when I try to open, I get a mns the app stop.
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