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Dumpster Rental Sussex County, NJ. and Orange County, NY.
Dumpster Rental Sussex County, NJ. and Orange County, NY.

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Unlike most other construction waste or household junk, shingles densely compact in a dumpster. If you’ve estimated the weight incorrectly, this can lead to expensive overweight charges. When you understand the weight of the shingles coming off your roof, you can select the correct weight allowance for the job and avoid those surprise charges at the end. Here are some tips on how to estimate shingle weight.

How to Estimate Shingle Weight

How Much Do Shingles Weigh?

Typically, shingles are sold in bundles. You purchase the number of bundles you need to cover the square footage of your roof. You can also use this to estimate the weight of the shingles coming off the roof. Depending on the type of shingles you purchase, one bundle will usually weight between 50 and 80 pounds. Simply take the weight of one bundle and multiply it by the total number of bundles you need. If there is more than one layer of shingles coming off your roof, you’ll also need to multiply that number by the total number of layers. That gives you an estimated weight. It will be a bit high since the shingles coming off the roof have deteriorated making them a bit lighter. That’s okay, though. Your goal is to be within the weight limit and you will be if you use a higher estimate.

Understand Weight Allowance Impact

Some dumpster rental companies offer a weight allowance fee to help defray any overweight charges. Upfront, these can look like a good bargain, but in the long run, they may cost you more. Let’s say you’re removing 4 tons of shingles from your roof. One company offers a 4-ton rental dumpster for $375 with a $75 per ton weight allowance. Another company offers a 2-ton dumpster rental for $300 with a $75 per ton weight allowance. Renting a dumpster from the first company will costs you $375 – no weight allowance needed. Renting from the second company will cost you $450 because you’ll be 2-tons overweight. Be sure you fully understand all the charges involved in selecting a dumpster.

Other Roofing Items That May Add Weight

In addition to removing shingles, waterproofing materials and nails are usually stripped off. While the weight impact of those items is negligible, replacing plywood, gutters, or flashing can significantly add to the weight. In addition, if you’re renting from a company that recycles shingles, you may need a separate dumpster for any other roof waste.

Getting the Right Size Dumpster for Your Roofing Job

At Wynn’s Bins, we’re happy to discuss your roofing job with you and help you select the right size and weight allowance for the task. Contact us today for the best prices from a local dumpster company.
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Simplify Your Move With a Dumpster Plan

Whether you’re buying your first house, increasing your living space, or downsizing, moving is an exciting and stressful time. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1 in 9 Americans moves every year. That’s a lot of stress! A dumpster rental and a plan can significantly reduce your stress level during your Orange County or Sussex County move.

Clear the Clutter Before You Pack

When you’ve lived in a place for any length of time, clutter has a way of accumulating – almost without notice. Moving is the perfect time to clear out the clutter. If you’re selling a home, this clutter can make your home look smaller and less appealing – meaning you’ll get less money for it. However, even if you’re buying your first home, moving all that clutter from one place to another is expensive. You either need to pay movers to move more stuff or rent a larger truck to move it yourself. No matter how you look at it, clutter costs you money. Sell it, donate it, or trash it. Yes, your memories are precious, but they live within in you, not in your belongings.

Pitch the Junk - Move with a Dumpster Plan

How much stuff are you holding on to, maybe without knowing why? Old letters or birthday cards? Broken furniture that you swear you’ll repair when you have the time? Empty paint cans you keep meaning to take to hazardous waste collection day? Boxes of old documents you haven’t look at in decades? Combination locks you no longer remember how to open? What else do you have laying around simply because it’s easier to store it than get rid of it, until now? All these items and more can go in your rented dumpster and be hauled away in one move, taking some of the stress out of packing and moving.

At Wynn’s Bins, we’re proud to help our neighbors in Sussex County and Orange County reduce the stress during their move with rental dumpsters sized to fit any job and any lot size. Contact us today to talk about your needs and arrange the perfect dumpster rental for your needs.
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Our 20 Yard Dumpsters - 18' long x 4' high.
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There’s nothing like the excitement of opening a package you got in the mail. Whether it’s a new small appliance for your kitchen or a decorative piece to compliment your décor or an exciting new piece of technology that box you’re excitedly opening likely also contains packing peanuts or other foam packing materials.

As you already know, foam doesn’t biodegrade and until recently it’s also not been a recyclable product. This has meant that the landfill in Sussex County and across the country wind up full with this packing material permanently. New technology is changing this in Sussex County!

Foam Cycle

Another local New Jersey company, Foam Cycle, provides polystyrene (EPS) recycling technology to governments, schools, universities and businesses. Essentially, the technology consists of a shipping container that’s been retrofitted to include electrical hookups, lighting, and an exhaust fan. Inside the shipping container, Foam Cycle uses a densifier from RecycleTech. Depending on the model, Foam Cycle’s container can process between 50 to 200 pounds of foam per hour. The 90-1 reduction volume means the processed foam takes up very little space and can be transported easily.

How Sussex County is Using the Foam Cycle Technology

This awesome foam recycling technology has recently been installed at the Sussex County landfill. In its current implementation, Sussex County is offering EPS recycling to residents on a limited basis. The EPS recycling program in Sussex County currently includes EPS from protective packaging for durable goods only. It does not currently include recycling for packing peanuts, colored EPS or items with tape or labels.

According to the Sussex County Utilities Authority recycling coordinator, Reenee Casapulla, the additional recycling options were “seamlessly integrated into daily operations.” Business owners and residents seem to be pleased with the option to recycle their EPS foam materials.

Have you tried it yet? At Wynn’s Bins, we’re pleased to know there’s another option for foam that won’t take up valuable landfill space.
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Sussex County Landfill Lives Longer
Trash Talk
One of the biggest challenges with solid waste disposal is finding places to put it. Recycling and composting help, but there’s still a massive amount of solid waste that needs to be dumped somewhere.
The landfill in Sussex County was in danger of running out of space. This left few options. One of which was quite unappealing – removing existing solid waste to some other unknown location. Instead, the Board of Chosen Freeholders has approved a plan to allow the landfill of route 94 to grow higher, rather than wider.
Being able to expand in height means the solid waste currently at the site doesn’t have to be touched for any reason. The six-phase project begins by building a mechanically stabilized earth berm around the north and west perimeter of the site. At its tallest point, the berm will be 17-feet and 10-feet at its lowest.
The berms won’t significantly impact the footprint of the site but will allow for waste to be piled higher than the current set up allows. And don’t worry – tipping fees aren’t expected to increase, despite the project’s estimated $10.89 million price tag. For more information, see this article in the Herald.
What You Can Do to Reduce Landfill Waste
Just as the landfill is a community resource, so too is it the community’s responsibility to reduce the waste that winds up there. Recycling bottles, cans, and paper can have a huge impact. So too can bringing reusable shopping bags instead of accepting plastic ones from the store.
Composting your food waste, if you’re able to do so not only reduces landfill waste, it also provides nutrients for your yard or garden – without the use of chemicals.
Recycling and composting can seem like a pain, but so is an overstuffed landfill. Sussex County residents know this all too well.
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Fall Clean-Up Made Easy With a Dumpster or Mini-Bin

With golden leaves of every color banking the roads Fall can be a wonderful season but it can also bring with it problems due to the change in weather and renting a dumpster with time to spare before winter sets in can be a lifesaver.

Renting a Dumpster for Yard Debris and More

Keeping a yard neat and tidy can get difficult during the second half of the year. Storms, heavy rain and strong winds all become more of a reality as the months grow colder and the nights darker and with winter approaching it’s only going to get worse.

This strong weather brings with it yard debris that can even spread out onto your driveway, sidewalk or onto the street. It could be mountains of leaves, fallen branches, and scattered twigs or even downed trees depending on how lucky or unlucky you are!

With a dumpster conveniently parked in your driveway you can get things sorted quickly and easily before a small mess becomes a massive mess. Luckily we have multiple sizes of dumpsters meaning you can find the right one for your home and job.

A Mini-Bin For Your Pre-Winter Clean Out

Not only is the fall a great time to get your yard in order but the time most of us try to do some tidying around the inside of our homes a well since we'll be spending a lot of time waiting out the long cold winter, especially in the Sussex County, NJ. and Orange County, NY. areas! Fall is a great time to clean out that cluttered attic or basement.

After summer holidays the weeks slip by quicker and quicker so our recommendation would be to organize your dumpster before the winter season kicks in, not after. Give us a call! We're here to help!

Serving the Sussex County, NJ and Orange County, NY. areas.
Visit Us at
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10 Money Saving Dumpster Rental Tips

Most dumpster rental companies aren't interested in haggling over pricing and most actually frown upon it. Armed with the right questions to ask, it can work to be a win win for both you and your bin rental company.

1) Short Term Rental: Perhaps you don't need your dumpster for the allotted time your given. Let you company know, especially if you only need it for a day or so. A dumpster your not using gives your company a chance to rent it again quickly. Although this might not be your biggest money saver, it's worth a shot!
2) Local Discount: Travel time is one of a dumpster company's biggest expenses. Do some research and find out how close you are to not only the company itself but to your New Jersey or New York local landfills or transfer stations. If your within 5 miles of either, there's a good chance you could save a few bucks.
3) Weight Of Your Trash: An experienced dumpster company has a pretty good idea of what the average weight is for each size dumpster they rent. Obviously a dumpster with construction debris will usually weigh much more than one filled with household items, furniture, etc. Let your dumpster service know what you plan on disposing of and possibly put a couple bucks in your pocket.
4) Time Flexibility: Scheduling pick ups and deliveries while keeping on schedule is a daunting task at best for most dumpster businesses. If you are willing to be flexible with both the drop-off and pick-up of your dumpster, let them know. Again, probably not a huge money saver but it's worth the try.
5) Neighbors: Almost everyone has some things they'd like to get rid of but there too large for the trash man or they haven't the time or means to bring them to the dump. Ask around, you might be surprised at how many of your friends and neighbors would be interested in donating towards your rental fee just for the convenience.
6) Cover Your Dumpster: Many items such as mattresses, clothes, sheetrock, etc. absorb a lot of water adding to the weight of your dumpster which may end up costing you overweight charges. Simply using a tarp to protect your trash from rainwater can save you those unwanted charges.
7) Don't Use a Broker: This one deserves an entire page in itself and is worth repeating, DON'T USE A BROKER! Not only will this tip save you money but will most definitely save you a lot of time and headaches. All brokers do is what you do, shop for a dumpster. They won't bargain on your behalf, you'll have no idea who's bringing it and you won't have anyone local to deal with if there's any problems. Working with a local company, (preferably small) that is an actual business not only helps keep your business in the local community but you'll almost always receive better service by staying away from brokers. There are a few telltale signs of dumpster brokers, including 800 and toll free numbers, websites with no addresses and if your into social media, no facebook etc.
8) Multiple Bins: Sure, this might seem like a no brainer but after you fill your first dumpster and need another, it's probably a little late to ask for a discount. Ask about possibly needing multiple dumpsters upfront and you'll most certainly put a few bucks in your pocket.
9) Shop: Again, this one is pretty obvious but although no one is going to rent your dumpster for free, most will listen to their competitors rates and probably know them already.
10) Additional Fee's: No matter what local dumpster rental service you use, they all have those pesky additional fee's. The most common are, overweight charges, prohibited items, overtime and over filling. Keep these all in mind and if your unsure about any of them, ask your service!
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