Is Your Name Search Engine Friendly? Wylie, Wiley or Whyle

It was suggested to me to put up a post with misspellings of my name because someone might misspell it while searching for me online. If you have an online presence then it’s a good idea to make sure that you are search engine friendly. For those of us with a name that, when heard, can be visualized with multiple spellings it might be a good idea to make it easier for people to find us. I thought that it was a good idea because in the past I’ve seen very fascinating spellings of my name that were not quite my name. Without further ado:

Some common misspellings include: Wiley Blancard, Willie Boanchard, Wily Branchard, Wyle Bachard, Wyllie Vlanchard,

Interesting misspellings & mis-typings of "Wylie":
Wellie, Wheelie, Whyle, Wile, Wile, Wilee, Wile E, Wiley, Willey, Willie, Wily, Wyle, Wylee, Wylei, Wyley, Wyllie, Wyly, Whlie, Wye, Riley, Ylie, Yleee

Surprisingly a large group of misspellings & mis-typings of "Blanchard":
vlanchard, nlanchard, hlanchard, glanchard, bkanchard, bpanchard, boanchard, blznchard, blsnchard, blwnchard, blqnchard, blabchard, blamchard, blajchard, blahchard, blanxhard, blanvhard, blanfhard, blandhard, blancgard, blancbard, blancnard, blancjard, blancuard, blancyard, blanchzrd, blanchsrd, blanchwrd, blanchqrd, blanchaed, blanchadd, blanchafd, blanchatd, blancha5d, blancha4d, blanchars, blancharx, blancharc, blancharf, blancharr, blanchare, lanchard, banchard, blnchard, blachard, blanhard, blancard, blanchrd, blanchad, blanchar, lbanchard, balnchard, blnachard, blacnhard, blanhcard, blancahrd, blanchrad, blanchadr, bblanchard, bllanchard, blaanchard, blannchard, blancchard, blanchhard, blanchaard, blancharrd, blanchardd, bacharach

The correct spelling of my name is Wylie Blanchard and if you spelled it right the first time, you’re a genius.  If you didn't, then we’ll call you a genius in training.
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