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Do not threaten me with a good time
Do not threaten me with a good time


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I'm really confused about this 7.0 release.. If they are "slowly rolling out the OTA to people" ( i have seen screenshots of nexus 6p users getting it) why would they not have the images posted on their factory image page for download / manual flash? It doesn't make any sense to me. The only images i see out there are for Pixel C, Nexus Player, and Nexus 9(wifi). How are people getting this for 5x / 6p if there are no images posted!?!?!? It's driving me bonkers.

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Camera app on my 5x is pretty much unusable. The button to take pics is like gone.... When it does show up the flip from rear to front button is right on top of it.

+Google Play How come I can purchase an album, but not listen to that same album with my Play Music Subscription (which I have had for years) ? Do certain artists not allow their stuff to be released to subscription services?

+Arya S Jr  Funny how you just block people from being able to comment on your drivel, after your weak ass comeback.  

Can someone tell me the build number for the M dev preview 3 on the nexus5? Just just screenshot the bottom part of the about phone screen ? Thanks !!

Anyone use Nova launcher with M preview ? My Google now slide up from the bottom doesn't work with it :(. Also "ok Google" voice activation does not work.

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My friend asked me what server failover was about & I showed him this. #Funny #ExplainLikeIAmFive 
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