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I would make a small guide for colorado guide but only have a few photos. You think you will ever make it o you can add someone else photo from Flickr, with credit obviously?

Humm but then you can't really get the description and details from someone who actually went their and took that shot. Still could help though, maybe.
Yeah, that's definitely something we've considered. Another approach to this, that I personally like better so far, is to allow users to collaborate with others on guides (ie. recommend or add spots to someone else's guide).

I was thinking a bit like the Github/Bitbucket model where they allow you to fork a repository, then submit a pull request to the original author and the author can choose whether or not they want to import that code. Obviously, things would get tricky with photo permissions if we allowed users to copy a guide, but allowing one user to submit their own photo to another user's existing guide might be interesting to some folks.
Humm I actually really like that idea. I noticed you had a Denver Guide posted, so then if you had that option I could post a photo to your Guide. I like this actually, because then it makes a guide growable at a larger scale. And gather expertise from more then just one person. And keeps it more on the legal side because its the owner adding it not some random person.
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