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Teaching Writing Has Never Been Easier!
Teaching Writing Has Never Been Easier!

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NEW! WriteShop Junior Book F
WriteShop Junior is a creative writing program that appeals to many learning styles. As with all WriteShop products, Book F helps you guide students through the steps of the writing process. To keep the experience fun, each lesson includes games and activities that teach and review important writing and self-editing skills.
•Book F Teacher’s Guide
•Activity Pack F
•Time-Saver Pack F
•Junior Writer’s Notebook 2 (digital only)

Pre-order Specials through Aug. 15, 2017
SPECIAL #1: PRINT Value Pack
August 16: All 3 e-book versions delivered to your inbox for FREE ($75 value)! Print the first lesson or two if you want to get an early start.
September 16: Your print books will ship for FREE! (U.S. addresses only)

SPECIAL #2: E-BOOK Value Pack
20% off E-book version of Book F Value Pack
August 16: E-books will be delivered to your inbox!
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Writing Prompt Wednesday We've got your writing inspiration covered for August! Download our free writing prompt calendar here:

The calendar, designed for students in grades 3-8, isn't dated so you can use it next year, too.

#homeschool #writingprompt #printable

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Sneak in some writing this summer with these 5 fun ideas from Pinterest! These creative, hands-on activities will provide engaging, stress-free opportunities for your children to write.

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Tina offers some fantastic, practical tips for choosing the best writing program for your family no matter the ages of your students.

She says, "I’m not telling you that teaching writing is easy, but it can be less intimidating when you choose the best writing curriculum. Take your time choosing one and ask a lot of questions."

(And Tina suggests the questions you need to be asking!)

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Writing Prompt Wednesday Inspire your children to consider virtues such as patience, wisdom, and a strong work ethic with these journal prompts from Proverbs.

#homeschool #homeschooling #writingprompts

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Writing can be an intimidating subject for parents to teach. Grading and editing your students' papers can add to that stress - but it doesn't have to!

Try these simple, practical tips for grading your middle and high school students' writing!

#homeschooling #middleschool #highschool

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Get ready for the 4th of July with this Independence Day word bank!

#writing #IndependenceDay #homeschool

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Writing Prompt Wednesday If you've spent much time with teens, you know that they have an opinion on everything and they love sharing it!

This week's writing prompts for high school students capitalizes on that fact. Students can share their opinions on everything from speed limits to cell phones to success.

Get this week's 5 free writing prompts here:

#homeschool #homeschooling #highschool

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If you think of word games and craft-based publishing activities as busywork, consider the ways these activities capitalize on how kids learn. Pre-writing activities are vital learning aids, and publishing your child's work (even if it's not through a crafty medium) is as much a part of the writing process as brainstorming and writing.

Learn how these hands-on activities enhance learning at the WriteShop blog:

#homeschool #homeschooling #writing

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Writing Prompt Wednesday We've got another month of writing inspiration for your 3rd-8th-grade students!

Download our free July writing prompt calendar here:

The 20 writing prompts provide students with a little structure and lots of room for imagination.

#homeschool #homeschooling #printables #writingprompts
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