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Before Rono Chatterjee applied to the online #MBA program at the #University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler #Business #School, he wanted an "honest opinion" about the program, he says.

So his co-worker introduced him to a former colleague who was a current #online #student at the school. They connected via email and phone, then in person, Chatterjee says.
"I just asked him the general questions: How many people are in a #class? What #classes are you taking? What are your experiences so far?" says the 29-year-old. The Boston resident hadn't pursued an online #degree before, so understanding the program's structure was also important.

Chatterjee is far from alone. Many prospective online #students connect with recent #graduates or current students, either through the admissions office or on social media. It's a step experts highly recommend – especially if they are new to online education.

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How Analyze Ethical Considerations In #Marketing Practices?

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Have troubles with your #research paper?
Looking for someone to get #help?

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With prices rising faster than they have at any point for four years, it's high time Britain's workers enjoyed a pay boost - a long overdue one at that.

But, according to figures, the reality is quite the opposite, with average salaries jumping just 1.6% in the past six months - compared to a 2.9% rise in the cost of living, a rate #experts say will jump further this year.

With employers holding onto their cash tighter than ever, workers in need of a salary boost are having to jump through hoops to justify a raise - we've got some #tips on how to get through to your boss here.

One of the biggest obstacles for many workers who want to further their #skills is the actual cost of going back into #education.

Over six in 10 Brits believe #learning new skills through face-to-face #courses or #training is too expensive, with the average Open #University #course costing £3,000.

Thankfully, there are ways to manage it for free - and get accredited too.

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Challenges in Writing a Research Proposal in Marketing

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China’s new #euniversity taps lecturers around the globe

The recent launch of the #online L-Art University in #China promises to give people access to #courses taught by lecturers around the world.

L-Art #University went live on May 20 to provide #training to professionals in #art and #culture. It also caters to art lovers and collectors who regularly visit museums.

Anyone interested can register for and follow a #course at the university’s website,, or download its app.

On offer are 10 courses, including #3D #animation, #filmmaking, #exhibition #design, 20th-century European art and museum #management.

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As #online education proliferates, is it effective for those #students who are already at risk because they may not have been well prepared for #higher #education in the first place?

According to a new #study from the Brookings #Institution, students who are the least well prepared for traditional #college also fare the worst in online #courses. For top students, taking an online #course didn’t definitively have a negative effect on a student’s grade point average. But for others -- especially lower-performing students -- taking online courses was associated with higher dropout rates and lower grades, both at the time the course was taken and in future semesters, when compared to students who took #classes in person.

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Feel free to check our latest #sample of IB Extended Essay on #Apple Inc.

Write an #extended #essay on a topic of your choice from the #Business and #Management syllabus of the #IB diploma. Your paper must follow all the #International #Baccalaureate (IB) #Diploma #Program guidelines. You will be assessed on the extent to which your work demonstrates a mastery of advanced #academic skills in the area of study. For instance, the rubric will examine the analysis and presentation of information. The ability to construct and evaluate arguments as well as the creativity in solving problems will be assessed. Your essay should utilize a broad field of #knowledge and apply concepts in the chosen field. An application of standard methods of data analysis and presentation will be evaluated. Your essay will be graded based on the extent to which the following items will be clearly stated and discussed.

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Research by innovative #training platform #Course #Library has shown that #online #learning and career progression opportunities could #help people to overcome a career slump.

The research surveyed 1,200 people aged between 18 and 64 and found that 80.6 per cent of workers in the #UK have experienced a career slump, with over 32 per cent believing that this is due to a lack of #career progression.

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Demand for skilled #data scientists continues to be sky-high, with #IBM recently predicting that there will be a 28% increase in the number of employed data #scientists in the next two years.

#Businesses in all industries are beginning to capitalize on the vast increase in data and the new #technologies becoming available for analyzing and gaining value from it.

This makes it a great prospect for anyone looking for a well-paid #career in an exciting and cutting-edge field.

But it isn’t just those following a traditional #academic path – such by #studying for one of the best #US data science #masters #degree #courses I covered in a recent article – who can benefit.

There are also a large number of #free #online courses and #tutorials which a motivated individual could use as a springboard into a rewarding and lucrative career.
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