The Role Nature Has on Our Life
Derek Song, Division 1, 5th grade #ws17e-s3d1

Earth is a very complex and fragile array of interconnected systems, developed over a span of four and a half billion years. From the smallest cells to the biggest creatures, everything is somehow inexplicably connected to one another. Every living creature depends on nature, which plays a significant role in our life. Trees and other plants turn the carbon dioxide we exhale into breathable oxygen that we need for survival. Animals provide meat, milk, and eggs that are part of our diet. Fossil fuel is needed to run cars and power appliances. The ozone layer protects us by blocking harmful radiation from the sun. The list of how living creatures depend on nature goes on and on.

Fossil fuels are significant. Heaters, cars, planes, and many machines that manufacture plastic, medicine, and other necessities of life run on fossil fuels. Without this nonrenewable energy at this point, how do most people travel from one place to another? One may argue that people can travel on foot or by bike, which will take forever. Fossil fuels also power heaters, which allow us to live in cold places during the winter. Although some machines can run on alternative power sources, it also means the end products can be more expensive.

Trees probably play one of the biggest roles in our life, giving us wood to build sturdy houses that protect us from the frigid weather, gales, rain, and scorching sun. Wood can be carved into furniture. Fruits from trees become a stable diet for humans and wild animals. Trees are truly a versatile plant. Grass is also an essential plant. Cows and sheep need grass to graze on. If grass ceases to exist, there will be no more wool, milk, mutton, and beef. Scarcity of food will only be the beginning of our problems. Oxygen is an obligatory element for human survival. Fortunately the atmosphere is filled with oxygen and plants turn the carbon dioxide we exhale to oxygen. The atmosphere and ozone layer protect the Earth from harmful radiation of the sun. Without them, the Earth's surface will be scorched and humans will not be able to withstand the extreme heat. Life will perish.

The earth’s resources are depleting because humans have been negligent at preserving their environment. We carelessly deposit our trash that will take thousands of years to degrade. We continuously pollute the atmosphere and rip holes in the ozone layer. We greedily cut down forests to build our metropolises. We selfishly tear up nature to satisfy our selfish desires. In the eyes of Mother Nature, we are inconsiderate and acquisitive. Now I have a question that needs an answer, just because humans are smart and know how to use tools, does that mean we get to abuse the environment?
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