Our Knowledge: A Growing Tree
Arnav Kanodia, Division 2, 9th grade

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” Margaret Fuller, an American civil rights advocate, once stated this. Its meaning can be interpreted in many different ways. However, one general understanding I get from this is that sharing knowledge is the way to help others learn and understand more about the world. Margaret Fuller’s saying shows that if one’s knowledge is lit, they can start thinking in a new way. Sharing knowledge and spreading our ideas is beneficial to the world, helping the environment grow. Agreeing with this interpretation, I know what I can do to spread knowledge and make this world a better place.

Humans are the only organisms that have a system of verbal communication. Because of this, people have developed, shared, and expressed their ideas, aiding them to achieve goals in life. That is why dogs, cats, or insects have not taken over the development of the world. The ability to share knowledge and express those ideas have helped the Homo Sapien species advance their research, communication, and life. However, sharing pure, factual information is not the only way to encourage people to learn. Yes, it can help someone learn something new, but being able to share small thoughts or situations can also affect someone's learning about what is going on around them. Suppose an individual’s house catches on fire. Without making sure that this information is communicated to others, many other houses might catch on fire as well. If no one takes on the responsibility of informing others of their findings, the world would never advance. Many of the inventions that humans take for granted would never have been made. In every profession, the power of sharing is essential to accomplish goals. If no ideas are voiced, no different approaches will be found, leading to new discoveries. One example of sharing knowledge in the real world is through United Nations. Representatives from every country share their ideas and give their input on how to make the world a better place. This is one of the reasons why the world has changed dramatically.

When sharing knowledge, there are many ways to go forth and do so. First of all, being part of a team, or group, in any aspect of life can help someone learn, share, and find new findings. How did Apple get founded? Steve Jobs did not do it alone. With his best friend, Steve Wozniak, someone he could talk and connect to, the pair invented a machine that changed our world of technology. To share one’s ideas to positively affect the community, a person can join or form groups to brainstorm and organize activities to achieve their goals. With different ideas, these groups grow to sometimes become the largest organizations in the world. What if an individual wanted to bring up the attention of others in his community? That person can write an entry in their local newspaper, or share their ideas through speeches and meetings, helping others know what is at stake. Also, news reports always inform the community about life around us. For example, in Shark Tank, an entrepreneur talks about a business idea to spark the interest of the buyers and bring something new into the lives of others. One could also say how this idea relates to the publication of books. Authors try to publish their books, and they will never give up trying to do so because they want others to learn and enjoy what they have to say. Finally, a person can share their beliefs through running for positions. This could mean being part of the school board or even running for president. In our nation, during the current elections, people are talking about how they can make the world a better place. Different views and ideas are discussed to show what the future world can become. Anyone can make their stance in the world by just speaking out.

Finally, I am doing my very best to help share my knowledge. I can make the world a better place by just letting others know what I believe in. Being a leader in my Boy Scout troop is very important to me. When doing team-building activities, I help younger scouts succeed in what they want to accomplish. This idea of always “giving back” to the community will spread and everyone will appreciate one another for the knowledge they generously offer to the group. Furthermore, by sharing my own knowledge, I gain new wisdom creating a win-win situation. Another example of how I can expand my ideas to others is in soccer. As part of a soccer team, every player has to do their best in their positions to improve the team’s chance of succeeding. When I play my position well, I support my teammates and others learn by my example. Our team wins as one unit and not individually. Finally, I can grow up to be a teacher, astronaut, scientist, coach, or anyone I want to be because of my willingness to share knowledge. Anyone can fulfill their desires to learn new things.

In the end, one individual’s work can affect a whole society, country, and even the world. The action of sharing will always affect the learning of others. Anyone can do it. From speaking to the classroom, to walking on the moon, or from even being a newborn baby, every human being can share their expertise with the rest of the world. I will strive in the effort of sharing what I know, making the world a more positive place, and affecting all that is in my learning path in a skyrocketing way. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Knowledge is what drives the goodness in us to make smart decisions. All in all, what we know, we should give.
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