Don Quijote de la Mancha
PENG-RUI LIU, Division 1, 4th grade #ws18e-s1d1

Tang Ji Kede in my heart the image is a handsome tall and straight, full of heroic knight; reading, I think Don Quixote is simply crazy, how could someone see the knight novel to see so desperate, really incredible, from him to turn The windmill as a flurry of giants, the extraordinary endless flock as an enemy must be annihilated, the dilapidated hotel as a majestic luxury castle, the rushed lady when the princess, you can see that he is different from the normal ratio Ordinary incurable, and even he interpreted all these ridiculous fantasies as the evil magician, absurd. But I am also very sympathetic to him when he is laughed at and makes fun of being immersed in great ambitions.

Although Donkey Kede may seem stupid, he is in fact a tragic figure who shone with the brilliance of idealism. This spirit of not following the ""common raven of the world"" is also reflected in the waste oil incident that is now being hotly debated in Taiwan, Trench oil is a illiterate old farmer, he bought at their own expense, digital cameras, monitors, took two years to take evidence and informed, during which he reported five times have not been ignored by the relevant units, not only by the black heart However, the old farmer did not give up. This spirit is similar to Don Quixote's ambition to exercise Knight's Road. The only difference is that there is a similar desire to make the world a better and more harmonious one. , Don Quixote is a character who is confined to the book, but the old farmer is genuine, indeed, this silly, thought-provoking.
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