Love Being a Carnivore
Ethan Sun, Division 1, 4th grade #ws17e-s1d1

Picky eater! Are you one of them? Everybody likes different types of food. Some prefer vegetables while others prefer meat. I crave meat. Vegetables do not entice me. I have no idea how a vegetarian survives without meat. As if I am not odd enough for a kid, I hate all sorts of desserts with the exception of candy, ice cream, popsicles, and cookies.

Meat is scrumptious and I never get tired of it. Every time my eyes encounter a plate of meat, my stomach will growl and direct me to devour it, regardless of whether I am famished or not. A plate of delectable freshly baked turkey from the hot oven makes my mouth drool. Nothing beats a bacon and sausage breakfast. If I had a choice of barbecue or noodles, I would definitely choose barbecue even though I enjoy eating noodles. The smell of a juicy steak on a sizzling grill makes my tummy rumble. Beef jerky is my favorite snack. Between Chinese pork chops and chicken, I cannot decide which is better. Perhaps they are tied in rank. A rack of lamb is what I always order when my family and I go out for a sumptuous meal. You can nickname me Carnivore.

A type of food that I find super disgusting is vegetable of almost every sort. If a mushroom finds its way into my mouth, I will puke it out. Most people love tomatoes, but I would never eat it, not even for a million dollars. I cannot survive the smell of a foul onion. If I had a choice of eating a squash or squashing a squash, it would definitely be the latter choice. Radishes are nauseating. Any type of pepper is not acceptable. Every time I order a burger or a pizza, I would chuck all the vegetables. If I have to pick pickles, I would toss, trash, and throw them across town. Meat or vegetables? What a simple pick! If somebody dared me to eat a plate of vegetables for a prize, I would not accept the challenge.

Most people enjoy eating cakes and cupcakes, but I strongly dislike them. At a birthday party, if someone offered me some cakes, I would courteously decline with a smile, together with quiet contempt in my heart. As much as I hate cakes, I also loathe almost every type of chocolate. Sometimes chocolate gives me indigestion. I have learned from experience to stay away from it.

Now you see the difference between numerous kids and me. Most food that I find disgusting might be other people’s most preferred meal. The majority of kids do not like meat as much as I do. Sweet nuts and pies might be everyone’s favorite dessert while I walk away from them. Forcing me to solely live on vegetables would be catastrophic, as I would only survive briefly. Perhaps a long, long time ago, I was related to Tyrannosaurus-Rex. Who knows, that would remain a mystery…
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