The Taste of Freedom
Caitlyn Cai, Division 1, 6th grade #ws16e-s2d1

Hiking through the forest with the view of a gleaming horizon, the scent of nature’s many aromatic smells, and the soft sigh of the wind were the tastes of freedom I had always longed for. No boundaries held me back.. And the thrilling adventure of freedom lay in the winding dirt path before me with only the glittering stars to guide me. Never had I felt more alive than in the dark night that contained many hidden mysteries.

Walking alone on an uneven dirt trail at night is something that I am forbidden to do under my parents rules. But in science camp, I had all the freedom in the world; not only the freedom to be me but freedom from my father and mother. Laying under the stars drawing imaginary constellations with my mind was exceptionally precious time that I knew I would treasure. And the stories of Orion, Cassiopeia, and Lyra displayed in the night sky were like a picture book that held secrets it was dying to whisper to me.

The night I spent hiking was only the start of my adventure. With my hiking group, we trekked through the mountains and encountered a ledge that held the most ravishing sights of the whole city. We had authority and we were free-willed. We dawdled at the creek using a secret passage we discovered in the restricted area and we splashed in the creek water with fresh new clothes on. We took a daring challenge by using the loose roots of trees to climb across the crumbling dirt that could push us into the water at any moment. We took advantage of the useless clay rocks buried at the bottom of the creek by smashing them together until bright orange organic paint appeared. We pretended to be Aztec soldiers, conquering the lands of people who feared us and let no one get in our way of world domination.

The freedom that science camp offered was nothing less than magical. Science camp conjured up feelings of of joy, delight, and satisfaction. Before I entered my stage of freedom, I was certain Science camp would only offer a variety of hikes that led to different trails. But the discoveries I made also led to a deeper understanding of myself. Science camp put me on a path of freedom that I could not experience at home.

Science camp showed me new things that I had never tried before. Science camp allowed me to experience what nature looks like outside of a textbook. For instance, it showed me the feel of the soft glowing heat of a crackling fire on my face. Most importantly, it showed me the extreme lengths people go through to make others happy. Those lessons I learned in nature showed me how to have more gratitude towards my mom and dad. Those were some of the secrets that were whispered to me under the night sky telling me that one day I will find my freedom.
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