Love is like the wind
Anuji Warunika Withana, Division 3, College sophomore #ws18e-s1d3

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it. Millions of souls rejoiced love and life by walking along with Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan through their beautiful yet challenging and poignant love story which is a one of kind marvelous creation of the century. The happy sadness filled with the inevitability of life is apparently showcased to an explicit audience who are emotionally drenched with the utter hopes of faith and belief.

Landon Carter, the main protagonist of the movie walk to remember, stands out as my personal favourite because of the gentleman he became. Playing the leading male inspiration, the story is wound around the life of a now teenage Carter through his budding youth into the ripe age of maturity and understanding.

Initially, he is seen as a self-centered teenager who watches life from its sidelines. Being quite popular among his classmates, he is decent and quite alright, but beneath the surface contributes very little for any self-development or maturity in understanding the reality. He is sarcastic in his attitudes and gives very little to literally no concern to anything around him, unless he senses an obvious payback. The unruly behavior and arrogance with the prank gone wrong and underage drinking indeed becomes a turning point in his life. He is left with no option other than to tutor fellow students and take up drama. This is where Jamie Sullivan enters his life. He had barely noticed this girl who had been with him since kindergarten, but after meeting her he starts to see the life from a different perspective. He is genuinely forced to compare himself with hers and he sees that he is a sore and broken soul. He is wealthy, she is of moderate means; he is popular, she is an outcast; he has little self-awareness, she always questions life and its purpose and never looses faith. No one has ever asked him to be anything- not his parents, not his teachers, not his friends, but this meeting opens his eyes to reality. The once arrogant Landon Carter changes for good after all.
He starts remembering the unruly bullying he supported at the very beginning of the story line. His gangs pranking one of the fellow classmates, by making him jump off a high tower into a water pool, which to the extremity of their arrogance is situated in an access restricted area. The boy is severely injured and it becomes a nightmare to Landon who cannot forgive himself for what he has done. Eventually, he gathers up all the courage and strength and visits this friend in the hospital, and genuinely apologizes for the huge fault he had committed. And accepts the fact that he is repenting and regretting the mistake he had been a part of. This is one effective episode that shows the improvement of Landon Carter’s character selflessly and morally. He starts to see the antagonistic extremes of the actions he had undergone ignorantly.
And furthermore, the movie creates a lot of tension when Jamie is blacklisted by the friends of Landon. Bellinda, who is the virtual girlfriend of Carter, pouts with jealousy when she sees this new budding relationship between Landon and Jamie and she takes her chances. They print out leaflets of Jamie photo shopped in some socially disgracing photographs and spreads it all around school. It’s the cafeteria during lunch hour and Jamie who comes in cheerfully is humiliated in front of all the students. In comes Landon, who grows angry and barges in. He believes in her. He tells her to calm down and shoves the leaflet in his friends face. Carter slaps him and walks away with Jamie, uncaring for his friends words ‘we are through’. Here Landon Carter shows a lot of selflessness and moral upliftment; he barely took the side of his friends but took the right. It’s the selfless love growing in him that paved the path. Later it is seen that his friends understand that he was really right and they reunite.

The plot now winds up to a climax, where he tries to make her wishes on her to-do list to come true. Initially, he is quite taken aback by these extraordinary wishes she has, but he has started falling in love with this girl that he doesn’t want to give up. This is the real Landon Carter coming into the picture, his genuine character surfaces at these very tantalizing moments in the movie. Her wish to stand in two places at once comes true , when Landon takes her to the state border, one foot in North Carolina and the other in Virginia. Indeed, its one cherishing moment that the audience itself is living in it. Having on a tattoo is another of her innocent wishes, and Landon makes it a reality by getting her a temporary butterfly. Love and care is shown to be generously flourished from within Landon Carter. Not only does he stop at this, he gets in touch with the International star registry and names a star before her, which is another imminent of her wishes come true. The depth of love is signified by the efforts he takes to make her happy and indeed this makes him one very special character.

Life is inevitable. Their romance keeps blossoming when Landon is informed that she is sick and that she has stopped responding anymore. He is the worst affected by this. The once self-centered Landon Carter stops at nothing to find her a cure. He runs back to his father with whom he has had a very distant relationship, seeking his help as a doctor. He tries all he can and is seen to be working days odds to make another of her dreams to come true. To witness a shooting star. And he builds a telescope and grants her wish. Finally, Landon weds Jamie at the church her parents married as one final wish of her coming true.

Landon carter is shown to have become the successful gentleman that he wanted to. Jamie Sullivan blew on the spark that was inside him, but it was his own faith in his journey that ignites it into burning brighter. Indeed, he regrets he couldn’t make her witness a miracle, but Reverend Sullivan, Jamie’s father, tells him, he was her miracle. This is the best thing that makes him the most special character of all. His character is a marvelous inspiration to any and every one. It isn’t only the selfless love but also the applausive success he achieves in all life aspects that stands out to be remarkable. It is like the wind, I don’t see it but I feel it. That is the unconditional love of the walk to remember.
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