Standing in the Spotlight
Helen Law, Division 1, 6th grade

Taking a deep breath and knowing that all eyes would be on me,  I slowly walked onto the center of the stage. The spotlight nearly blinded my eyes. I could hear and feel my heart beating faster, but the sounds of cheering and clapping encouraged me to keep going. I made sure my posture was perfect with my back straightened and head lifted. I looked past the audience and the constant clicks of photographers with their fancy gears.  The room was packed with an enthusiastic audience. I continued my routine to pose, stop, smile, and keep walking forward. 

The runway was larger and longer than the ones that I have practiced on. Lights of different hues created a warm and welcoming atmosphere while glittered decorations adorned the room, matching all the chattering sound and flashing cameras in the background. The closer I was to the end of the runway, the more confident I became. Step after step in a perfectly straight line, I ambled with a convincing smile across my face . When I got to the middle, I turned back and forth until I approached the end of the runway. I stopped to position myself for two more glamorous poses that left an impression with the audience after I turned back around. Moving forward with the same walk as always, the photographers and the audience examined the back of my outift, snapping a few shots. The lovely lavendar crop top was paired with comfortable, maroon colored  flowy pants that draped over me, flowing with grace with each move I made. 

Wishing I had more time on the runway, I walked as slow as I could. The way back felt way shorter, as always. I finished with my last stunning smile and the standard ending pose. Even though I was still smiling and looking at the audience, I sadly walked off stage. For the first time, I sensed the difference about myself after this show. I felt and acted more confidently instead being shy like I used to be. I had such an awesome time and I hoped to be able to do this again. To this day, I still the remember the incredible experience of the first time I have ever modeled. I believe that it has helped me to overcome my fears and become more of an outgoing, self-assured person.  
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