Problems In School
Lindsay Lan, Division 1, 6th grade #ws18e-s3d1

It was so crowded that when I had a question, the teacher couldn’t get to my desk. If I could change the education system I would reduce the amount of students in a classroom. Did you know that 14% of U.S. school exceed capacity? Overcrowded classrooms can be bad for students because it can make giving instruction difficult, cause chaos, and can lead to the management of the classroom to suffer.

Too many students in a classroom can make individualizing classroom instruction difficult. Even in a perfectly-sized class, a teacher may have a hard time providing enough attention to each student. Some need more because they are behind; others need more because they are ahead and are bored. Managing a large classroom is nearly impossible to do as well as the teacher would like. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to do the job. In overpopulated special education classrooms, behaviors often become common place. Children with special needs become overwhelmed and act out as a result. Children enrolled in special education services most often require additional support, not less.

Also, overpopulated classrooms can often lead to very chaotic ones. Students need order, and too much noise and visual stimulation can cause some students discomfort or anxiety. Teachers have their hands full managing a classroom of 30 or more children.. Meaning that teachers might not get the time to help other students. It is difficult for students to focus on productively collaborating when there is excess environmental noise and material chaos. For children with special needs, the problems caused by classroom overpopulation is drastically magnified. Most often, children with special needs struggle to learn in group settings anyhow, when you add an additional 10+ students without adding additional resources, frustration is frequently the result

Finally, overpopulation causes the management of the classroom to suffer. Many teachers find it difficult to develop processes and procedures to manage overpopulated classes. The interruptions, delays, time to pass out and hand in papers, clean up, line up, move from place to place, etc. takes more time with a larger classroom. Maximizing learning time can be very difficult without effective management knowledge and tools. Take into consideration that a majority of children with special needs require structure, additional assistance and resources specific to their individual needs, overpopulated classes typically mean none of those items are fulfilled. Special education teachers already face an uphill battle with a massive increase in children who require special education services. While many states have set limits on the number of students that can be in a room, others have not. Some have had to change those limits due to budget constraints.

Too many students in a classroom is bad because it can make giving instruction difficult, cause chaos, and causes the management of the classroom to suffer. Students that are in special education services need more attention not less. This is why I think that all classrooms should be smaller.
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