My Mastermind Plan
Amanda Shih, Division 2, 8th grade #ws18e-s2d2

I have done it. I finally invented the perfect time machine to take me back to the past. Now, I can educate the citizens of the 1800s with the knowledge of vaccines and global warming! Allow me to explain. For years I have yearned to change the past to make the present better. When I learned about the impact we have on the environment, I knew I had to do something so I created a time machine to go back into the past and warn them about global warming. But I encountered an obstacle; if I just went out and told the people about global warming they might think I’m crazy because they have never heard about global warming before. But if I first gained their trust with smaller things, than I can tell them about bigger things like vaccines, and eventually global warming. When I go back into the past, I will introduce vaccines and educate the people about global warming because I want to create a better now.

When I first arrive at my destination, Cheshire, England, I would immediately hide my time machine from the people and get a job as an apprentice to a doctor. I would make up a different name for myself and invent some story about growing up in a back town in India to avoid suspicion. The next step would be to build my reputation as a renowned doctor and introduce vaccines to the people. I would bring my knowledge of illnesses and medicine to share with them. By and by, I would gain enough trust from a small group of friends and slowly tell them about the sicknesses, until I can tell them about vaccines. This would help get trust from the people so that I can tell them about global warming later.

Next, I would share with my trusted group of friends about vaccines until I have enough people to share the information about global warming. Meanwhile, they would tell the rest of the village about vaccines, and the village would tell the world about sicknesses. Through this process I would tell the whole world about vaccines and global warming. I would provide enough evidence to prove that their world is getting hotter by measuring the output of coal that they are using and showing them the effect of pollution on the local marine life. Not only would I educate the village, I would also travel the world to inform other countries. In foreign lands, I would use translators that speak their language, and I would show them evidence of sicknesses and global warming. To travel the world, I would use stagecoaches, ride trains and sail boats. Then I would only have one more thing to do before I go back to 2018.

Before I go, I would make sure the world takes action against global warming and saves the environment. I would post signs and encourage people to protect living organisms other than themselves. I would give the responsibiIity of ensuring the survival of the world to the people by establishing the WEPC (World Environmental Protection Community). The WEPC would consist of representatives from each country who would each show what their country is doing to save the environment at each meeting. Each meeting would discuss how to spread the word out to more countries and how to get the countries to participate. This would make sure they continue to raise environmental awareness before I go back to future.

When I come back to 2018, I expect that the present day will be environmentally protected, as well as very health-conscious. Throughout my journey, I would have to be extra cautious about what I do and say, because each action has a consequence. If I accidently warp the storyline of one of my ancestors I could possibly prevent my own birth, but I believe that this event will cause more good than harm in the space-time continuum. When I return from my trip, I look forward to reading about myself in the history books. Please do not try this at home could cause injury, illness, or even death.
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